Dallas Market Hall Gun Show Apr. 13-14, 2013 Part I

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first part of a multi-part review of the Dallas Market Hall Gun Show on April 13 and 14, 2013, sponsored by the Dallas Arms Collectors Association.  I did a full review of the first Market Hall show this year, and here are the links for reference.

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Once again, I purchased a lot of stuff at this show, so 3-4 hours of my time over Sat. and Sun. were spent scouring the floor for specific items.  Since I already have a full review online, this review will be in the short update format.  I’ll cover firearm and ammo prices, and comment only on new vendors or new items of interest from vendors at the prior show.  Lone Star Knife expo partnered with DACA for this show and put on a superb display of custom knives.  I collected as many cards as I could so that I could mention knife makers at the show.  I spent over $600 at the show (I only budgeted $500), but if I had a couple hundred more, I would have walked away with at least one knife.

There was a noticeable decline in traffic at the Premier Mesquite show the prior week.  With sporting events in town and superb weather, I really wondered if traffic could come close to the panic levels we saw at Market Hall in January.  I arrived at 8:30 AM on Saturday morning and took this shot from the parking garage.


And, here was my place in line.


Not as bad as January, but by opening the north entrance line was wrapped around to nearly the same length as the prior show. I did not check the south entrance.

The show opened promptly at 9AM and the line moved very quickly through the vendor gauntlet that included:

– Guy selling ammo cans/eyewear
– GO Industries Truck Accessories (grills)
– Resist Tyranny Organization
– Wild West Wind Power
– Dallas Morning News
– Carter Blood Drive

I don’t remember this from last time, but Market Hall was operating a shuttle from the garage to either entry on both days.  They are getting more intent on marketing as they had a person collecting information on how people found out about the show at least at the north entrance on both days.

After purchasing ammo from Good To Go Ammo, I spend over an hour searching the floor for a holster for my Ruger SRH.  Didn’t find what I wanted until Sunday, though.  I purchased some patches from Red Dragon, some shotgun ammo from Shotgun Blasters, the required quota of fried pies from the Fried Pie Lady, and some other supplies, stowed everything in my car, then re-entered the show to begin the review process.


As always, prices are considered show-only by the vendor and unless otherwise stated are for cash transaction for NIB models.  I must also note that I ran out of paper in my notebook on Sunday and missed three firearm vendors.  If anyone was at the show and took note of prices from vendors not mentioned in this review (or a model I did not include), please leave a comment so that we can have a solid online record of pricing trends from all vendors across a wide variety of models.


Grumpy’s Guns is still heavy on Glocks.  They sold a gen-4 G27 for $599, a gen-3 G27 for $539, a gen-3 G22 for $539, a gen-3 G23 for $549, a gen-3 G21 for $599, a gen-4 G21 for $649, and a gen-4 G17 for $624.

A S&W M&P 22 would set you back $389 and I saw an all black Taurus Judge for $515.


Shotgun Blasters has a new model, the Hammer Head.  One look at the 50BMG muzzle break on the business end of a Mossberg 500 and the name really makes sense.  I’ll have a brief update online from Shotgun Blasters in the next couple weeks, including a photo of the Hammer Head.  It’s a one-off build, priced at $1295.


CYA had a nice layout that included a Taurus short-barrel revolver in 454 Casull for $799.  If that’s a bit too much, then the Charter Arms in 38 spc (available in multiple colors) for $399 might have been just right.

They sold a Beretta PX4 Storm for $599 and a Ruger LC9 w/laser for $449.

A Walther PK 380 all black could be taken home for $379 or slap on a laser for $499.  A P99C QA was on the table for $649.

An M&P 22 sold for $399, an M&P 45 $539, and an M&P 15-22 would set you back $469.  A very basic M&P 15 was priced at $749.

A Browning 1911-22 was on the table for $569.

An all black, USED Sig P250 was priced at $399 or you could take home a NIB bi-tone P938 for $749.

In Glock-land, I saw a gen-3 G19 for $559, a gen-4 G17 for $599, a gen-3 G17 for $559, and a gen-3 G29 for $599.

A Taurus PT 1911 was available for $609.

An all black XD-9C could be taken home for $479 and an OD/Green model was available for $499.  The XD-9 Tactical was priced at $539, an XD-M 9 Tactical for $619, an XD-M .40 Tactical for $799, an XD-S all black for $599, or the bi-tone for $579 (excellent prices on the .45 XD-S), or a bi-tone EMP 9mm for $1099.

An all-black FNS-40 cost $569 and the bi-tone model sold for $599.  The FNX-45 Tactical in FDE was on the table for $1299.

A RIA 1911 A1 FS was on the table for $629, and an A1 CS for $629.

A Remington 1911 R1 sold for $699.

A Zavasta PAP M85 PV was priced at $869, a BFI Carbon-15 for $899, a Windham .223 for $1299, a Sig M400 for $1299, a DPMS in .308 for $1099, and a wicked a Mossberg 464 in 30-30 ZMB edition/ATI Stock for $499


Quantico Tactical sold an all black FNS-40 for $624, and I saw one gen-4 Glock, a G27, for $549.

A Ruger SR9 would set you back $449, and the LCR in .357 mag sold for $539, or the LCP in .380 for $341.

An all black XD-M Tactical in .40 S&W was on the table for $558, an XD-9 SC for $516, and an XD .40 for $439.

A Bushmaster OCR M4 was on sale for $1156, a DPMS Panther Sport for $889, a Stag Arms M1 for $1049, a Colt 6900 for $1499, an M4 LE 6920 MOE for $1699, an M&P 15 MOE w/Don’t Tread On Me etching for $1149, and an M&P 15 ORC for $969.


One of the highlights of Saturday was talking with Tommy Phillips at W Guns.  I still think they have one of the most unique layouts at a gun show.  Tommy is a way-cool guy, so look for W Guns the next time you’re at a show.  He actually had an M&P Shield .40 S&W available and the show price was $650.

The XD-S .45 ACP all black was priced at $599, and $640 for the bi-tone.

Tommy also had a G30S in stock at $700.  If I was not in the market for an FNX-45 Tactical (all black), I would have walked out with it 🙂

$500 would take home either an M&P 9 or an M&P 9C.

A Walther PPX was on sale for $425, a P99 AS for $600, and a PPS for $650.

Well, that’s a good stopping point for part I.  Tomorrow will be 100% firearm price reviews.  Thanks for stopping by!

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