Dallas Market Hall Gun Show Apr. 13-14, 2013 Part III

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the third post in a multi-part review of the Dallas Market Hall Gun Show on Apr. 13-14, 2013, sponsored by Dallas Arms Collectors Association and in partnership with the Lone Star Knife Expo. Links to the first two parts of the review are below.

Part I

Part II

This post will finish the firearm pricing updates and move onto ammo.

I talked briefly with Robert Burke aka The Sig Armorer while he was working on a pistol.  He sold several P226 models with various mods, ranging from $650 to $695.  An H&K USP Tactical w/4 mags sold for $1250.  He even had a couple Glocks on display, a gen-3 G17 for $625 and a gen-3 G34 for the same price.  I thought the highlight of the layout was the Texas DPS P239 in .357 Sig for $895.


The layout at CJS Enterprises included a Hi-Point carbine in .45 ACP for $399, and a CMMG in 300 BLK w/SS barrel for $1099.  A Steyr AUG in 5.56 sold for $1999.

One of the reps owned a FDE FNX .45 Tactical and he was nice enough to let me handle the pistol and check out the Trijicon RMR.  Then, we spent several minutes just talking about guns in general.  Now, that was really cool.  Please stop by CJS the next time you are at a show.  Speaking of the FNX 45 Tactical, their FDE version was on the table for $1395.  An all black FNX-9 and FNX-40 could be taken home for $599.

A Sig P226 w/night sights was priced at $911, and a Mosquito sold for $389

An M&P Shield 40 was on the table for $599.

An all black XDM-9 3.8″ sold for $625 or you could walk out the door with an XD-S for $599.  The bi-tone version was available for $649.

A Beretta 92 A1 cost $699.


Independence Firearms had an IWI Tavor on display for $2995, a Core 15 M4 for $899, a model in 300 BLK for $1195, a Daniel Defense V1 for $1499,  a Sig M400 EC for $1299, a 516 G2 for $1599, an LWRC M6A2 SPR in FDE 14.7″ pinned flash suppressor for $2999, a DPMS 308 for $1399, a Scar 17 for $3999, and ATI Sam 7K for $1599, AK pistols for $399, and an M&P 15-22 for $499.


The first item I saw at Ridgeline Guns was a DPMS 5.56 w/optics and quad rail plus custom foregrip for $898.

A Sig 516 w/floating handguard sold for $1458.

A Stag Arms 8T was on display for $1199.

A Ruger SR 556 w/optics and laser was priced at $1399.  For handguns, your choices included an SR-9c for $449, an SR-22 w/threaded barrel for $338, an LCP 380 (various configurations ranging from #299 to $348 and w/laser for $379), and an LCR-22 for $399.

A PSA AR w/Magpul deep desert furniture and 4x optic sold for $968.

A Mossberg 715T w/optic was on the table for $399.

A FN PS90 w/laser was priced at $2199.  An all black FNS-9 was priced at $559 and the same price would take home an FNS-40.

An all black Taurus Judge w/laser would set you back $568.

An M&P 22 sold for $399.

A Colt 1911-22 w/rail was priced at $449.

A Sig 1911-22 cost $399.

Glock choices included a gen-3 G17 for $548, a gen-3 G19 for $549, a gen-4 G19 for $624, a gen-3 G20 for $579, a gen-3 G23 for $549, a gen-4 G23 for $599, a gen-3 G21 for $549, and a gen-3 G30 for $569.

A Beretta M9 sold for $529 and a 92 FS was on the table for $610.

A 4.5″ all black XD-M in .45 ACP would set you back $599.


S.A.W. had their usual massive layout on display, and this update only covers a modest fraction of their offering.

An H&K 416 in 22LR sold for $529.  A Mark 23 in .45 ACP was priced at $1998.  A 45 T w/threaded barrel would set you back $1399 and a 45 C w/night sights could be taken home for $1099.  A P2000 SK w/night sights was on the table for $998.  An MP5 in 22LR could be yours for $599 or a 416 in the same caliber for the same price.

A Taurus Tracker 627 was on display for $529.  A SS PT 1911 in 9mm was priced at $629.

A Chiappa White Rhino 6″ could be yours for $989, a snub-nose version w/holster sold for $909, a blued 6″ for $889.

A blued Ruger GP 100 6″ was on the table for $528 and a 4″ SS in .357 sold for $619.  A bi-tone SR45 was priced at $447, an SR-22 for $369, and a Commander-sized SR-1911 for $899.

A Kimber Eclipse Custom sold for $1249, an Eclipse Target for $1299, a Pro Tactical for $1299, and an Ultra Carry 2 for $898.

A Remington 1911 Enhanced – blued sold for $799.

A bi-tone XD-S was priced at $649, the bi-tone XD-M Tactical sold for $749, the all black XD-M 4.5″ in 9mm for $739, and the XD-M 9C for $639.

A CZ 75 matte stainless was priced at $649 and they had a P-07 in OD/Green on display for $449.

A Desert Eagle 1911 in .45 sold for $899.  If you want something larger that can be used as a club in case you run out of ammo, the SS matte finish in .44 magnum was priced at $1699.

The FNX 45 Tactical in FDE was priced at $1399 and S.A.W had the only all black model (that I saw) on the show floor for $1199.  An all black FNS-9 sold for $539 and the bi-tone version cost $589.

A Walther PPX 9mm was on display for $479, a P-22 for #339, and a PK 380 for $388.

If big bore is your thing, the S&W 500 8 3/8″ mammoth could be taken home for $889.  A 6″ 629 sold for $889, a 6.5″ 686 for $749, and a 625 in .45 ACP for $829.  The 327 TRR8 would set you back $1099.

A Sig 1911 Extreme sold for $898, a desert tan model for $849, a Scorpion for $898, an a SS w/night sights for $949.  A P220 w/E2 grips and night sights was priced at $899, a P220 Dark Elite for $949, an all black P226 for $1098, an SP2022 for $549, a P238 Tribal for $769, the Zombie Edition for $1400, and a bi-tone w/laser for $729.  If you want 9-mil, then take home a P938 for $799 w/rosewood grips.

Glock choices included a gen-3 G30 for $579, a gen-3 G36 for $599, a gen-3 G35 for $599, a G20SF for $589, a rebuilt gen-3 G29 for $549, a gen-4 G33 for $599, a gen-3 G33 for $499, a gen-3 G32 for $549, a gen-3 G23 for $549, a gen-4 G22 for $599, a gen-4 G23 for $639, a G17L for $1199, a gen-4 G27 for $599, and a used gen-4 G21 for $599.

A basic M&P 15 could be taken home for $549 and a M&P 15-22 in FDE was priced at $639.

A Beretta M9 sold for $599, a 92FS for $869, and a M9 A1 for $649.  The Cx4 sold for $899.

A Mossberg Persuader was on the table with a few different options, ranging from $359 to $429.

The Kel Tec KSG in green ceratoke cost $2399 and the all black model was priced at $1999.

My favorite of their rifle selections was the Kriss Vector .45 ACP w/suppressor for $1899.  One day, I’ll win the lotto.  Their remaining choices included a Steyr AUG for $3499, a DPMS Oracle for $888, a Ruger SR 556 for $1299, a Colt LE 6921 w/law enforcement markings for $3999, a LE 6920 in OD/Green for $2199, a LE 6940 in FDE for $3499, a FN Scar 16S for $2999, a Scar 17 in .308 for $2999, a Sig R516 for $1589, a RM 400 optics-ready for $1099, a 716 in OD/Green for $1999, a 716 in .308 for the same price, an H&K M4 762 for $3995, a LWRC Reaper .308 in OD/Green for $4699, and an M&P 10 for $1799.


and, that was the last page in the notebook.  I skipped Hellz Firearms since I was running low on time (and interest – the Goth schtick is a turnoff).  I really wanted to cover Bad Ass Shotguns (although their layout seemed similar to the prior Market Hall show) and I missed a couple other vendors.


I only had time to hit the major suppliers, so here we go.  You already know the story with 9mm and .22LR.  It’s pretty bad when I go back to the car to drop off stuff and people are standing by the walkway trying to sell bricks.  .45 is still somewhat tolerable, but I’m really glad in this day and age I shoot mostly 10mm and .44 magnum.


Dallas Reloading Service, of course, sold reloads, including .44 mag in 240gr RN-FP for $28/50 and 300 gr XTP’s for $34/50.

.45 ACP 230 gr FMJ’s cost $27/50.

115gr 9mm FMJ’s sold for $20/50 and one of the show specials was a 1000-rnd ammo can for $325.

Factory ammo included WWB 9mm 115gr FMJ for $43/box of 50, .40 S&W 180 gr FMJ’s for $34/50, 115gr XGP for $27/box and the same weight Gold Dots for $32/box.  140gr DPX sold for $37/box and 180 gr Gold Dots for $32/box.  Golden Sabre 180gr was priced at $32.95/box.

Gold Dots in .45 ACP 200 gr +p sold for $32/box, 230 gr XTP’s for $31.95/box and 185 gr Zombie Max for $29.95/box.

55gr .223 FMJ sold for $729/1000 and SP’s for $749/1000


Darrel Pocock Ammo sold .44 mag 240gr Win JSP for $59.95/box.  AE JHP’s in the same weight cost $54.95/box.  PMC eRange sold for $47.95/box.

.40 S&W loads included UMC 180gr FMJ 250 rnd boxes for $169.95, MagTech Guard Dogs in 180gr for $29.95/box, Critical Duty 175gr for $39.95/box, 165gr XTP for $34.95/box, 165gr Gold Dots for the same price, and Federal 115gr HydraShock for $29.95/box.

124gr XTP’s in .357 Sig were priced at $29.95/box.  Win PDX1 Defender 125gr was priced at $34.95/box.

.357 mag loads included 140gr XTP’s for $29.95/box, 135gr Gold Dots for $34.95/box, PDX1 Defender 125 gr for $34.95/box, and 125 gr Critical Defense for $29.95/box.

Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ’s sold for $55.95/box, 124gr +p Gold Dots for $59.95/box, and Win Ranger 124gr +p for $99.95/box.

PMC X-TAC 5.56 62gr was priced at $25/box, AE .223 50gr tipped varmint for $29.95/box, and Win Ranger .223 55gr SP for $39.95/box.

40gr Blazer in .22LR sold for $125.95 a brick and Wolf in the same weight/qty cost $149.95.


Tomorrow, I’ll finish the ammo section, provide a brief mention of knife vendors at the expo, and cover a few misc. items.

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