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This is the final installment in a multi-part review of the Dallas Market Hall Gun Show on Apr. 13-14, 2013, sponsored by Dallas Arms Collectors Association and in partnership with the Lone Star Knife Expo. Links to the first three parts of the review are below.

Part I

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This update finishes up the ammo pricing updates from the major suppliers, provides a list of the knife vendors at the show, and closes with some misc. comments.


Good To Go Ammo was at Market Hall and following is a sample of their offerings.

.223 FMJ $69.28/100, $334.57/500, $688.22/1000

.223 JHP $73.90/100, $367.67/500, $734.41/1000

.223 Match HP $87.76/100, $436.95/500, $872.98/1000

9mm FMJ 124 gr $23.09/50, $229.10/500, $457.27/1000

.40 S&W 180gr FMJ $25.87/50, $256.81/5000, $512.70/1000

.45ACP 230 gr FMJ $28.64/50, $284.53/500, $568.13/1000

.44 magnum 240gr FMJ $34.18/50, $339.95/500, $678.98/1000


Alamo Ammo sold 55gr .223 PMC FMJ for $19.95/box, AE .223 50gr varmint tip for $21.95/box, Winchester Ranger .223 64gr Power-Point for $24.55/box, AE .223 55gr FMJ 100-rnd value pack for $99.95/box, Independence 5.565 55gr FMJ for $19.95/box, WWB 5.56 55gr FMJ for $21.55/box, and PMC 5.56 X-TAC for $34.95/box.

CCI mini-mags were available, but only if you were willing to part with $49.95/box.  Ouch!

Aquila 20gr .22LR sold for $14.95/box and $144.95/brick.

Winchester 36gr 333-rnd boxes were priced at $134.95.

Federal 550-rnd JHP’s 36gr would set you back $149.95.

Remington Golden Bullet 525-rnd 36gr HP’s were on sale for $209.95.

AE 38gr JHP’s were priced at $239/brick.

In .45ACP, your choices included Speer Lawman 230gr TMJ for $39.95/box, Federal 230gr Hi-Shock JHP for $47.95/box, WWB 230gr 100-rnd value pack for $79.95, Remington GS 230gr. JHP for $26.95/box, and Hornady Critical Defense 185gr for $34.95/box.

A couple .44 mag selections were PMC 240gr TCSP for $34.95/box and AE 240gr. JSP’s for $46.95/box.

In .40 S&W, you could take home Winchester Silver Tips 155gr for $59.95/box, Remington GS JHP’s 165gr for $21.95/box, AE 180gr FMJ’s for $38.95/box, PMC 180gr FMJ for $36.95/box, Speer Lawman 165gr TMJ for $35.95/box, or WWB 165gr FMJ 100-rnd value pack for $79.95/box.

9mm shooters would pay $59.95/box for AE 124gr FMJ, Speer GD 115gr +p cost $79.95/box, WWWB 115gr FMJ $49.95/box, Federal HST 124gr $79.95/box, or International 100gr FP $34.95/box.



The Lone Star Knife Expo had dozens of vendors in town. I picked up as many business cards as I could.  If you were at the show and not mentioned here, please leave a comment.

Scotty Puckett Custom Knives
Knox Knife (Jeff Knox) (Mark Strauss, Cincinnati, OH)
Jack Andress Custom Knife Sheaths
S. Buzek Knives (Stanley Buzek, Waller, TX)
Centeral Texas Bladeworks (Joe Watson)
Knife and Gun Finishing Supplies (Ken McFall)
FP2 Custom Knives (Fred Pittman, Pineville, LA)
HELM Enterprises (James Helm)
Stice Handmade Knives (Douglas Stice)
Legendary Custom Knives LLC (Tex Chelette)
Swenson Knives (Luke Swenson)
Fry Custom Knives (Jason Fry, Abilene, TX)
Tony Baker Knives (Allen, TX)
Handmade Knives by Craig Brewer (Killeen, TX)
Barbara Baskett Custom Knives
Fischer Custom Knives (Sammy Fischer, Victoria, TX)
Robert L. Merz, III Knifemaker
Green Valley Custom Knives (Terry Veraldo, Summerville, KY)
Bill Mangum Handmade Custom Knives (Vicksburg, MS)
Trails End Knife Company (Collinsville, OK)
Shewmaker Custom Knives (Bob Shewmaker, Farmersville, TX)
Texas Sharp Knife Sharpening (Waxahachie, TX)
T-Bones Custom Creations and Engraving



Just a few closing comments on new vendors I ran across or new products from established vendors.

– I want to throw some props to the TCU women’s rifle team – Go Frogs!

Just For Guns now has the 310 lumen RedLine on sale for $58.  The Nebo Super CSI light/laser sold for $23.

– Preppers would probably have liked Fort Barnes Military Surplus/Survival Gear, lots of IFAK, paracord, and SOL gear.

– Parkman Arms sold lowers and various accessories

– Redneck Buddha showed off the Laserlyte training cartridge and computer training program.

– Crossfire Sports sold 30-rnd pmags for $38.95.

– G&A Arms had a variety of concealment purses from Gun Tote’n Mamas on display, a Umarex R200 SS for $600, a Ruger LCR .22 for $475, and an M&P 40 for $520.

– JB Sales sold 9mm AE 124gr FMJ for $30/box, Win .44 mag JSP for $55/box, and WWB 95gr .380 100-rnd FMJ for $60.

– Edward Benyon is a CHL instructor who had a table at the show

– Jana Lang (Little Sure Shot) offers CHL and general firearms training targeted to very small classes (less than 10).

– Storm Dorms made an appearance at Market Hall

– Ballistic Ink is a new t-shirt vendor (I purchased a shirt from them)

– Fugate Firearms was a new vendor

– Pro Twins does crime scene cleanup (better them than me)

– Duval Arms had suppressors on display

– I enjoyed talking with Gary Kennedy of Gun Safes about a possible future purchase

– I believe KD Lighting Solutions was a new vendor at Market Hall

I spent almost nine hours on the floor, split over two days and I know I missed some vendors. I had quite a bit of shopping to do and the trips back and forth between the car took up a lot of time. If I missed anyone, please leave a comment and I’ll try to get up to date on your products/services at the next show.

Thanks for spending part of your day with this review.