Product Review: Allison Revolver Speed Brush

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Product Reviews
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I have to admit I thought this product looked like a gimmick the first time I saw it, and I ordered one with the intent to post a review and then probably not use it again.  This is an Allison (six-cylinder) speed brush, purchased from the site.


It arrives in a cylindrical package marked with the brand name Ruger Speed Brush Pro.

sb-smallThe product effectively brushes all six cylinders at once, at the expense of extra effort.  I’ve cleaned my Super Redhawk with it twice and it does take more force to brush all six cylinders simultaneously.  The total time, however, for that initial brushing is reduced.

Although effective, it’s hard to say if the product will make it into my regular cleaning regimen.  It does, however, impress me as useful for quick cleans during long training sessions at the range or between stages at a match.

The product comes with a spare brush and the brushes are removable.  One thing I have not tried is to remove every other brush and use two sweeps for alternating cylinders.  I’ll post another update in the future, but for now the speed brush is in the range bag.


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