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This is the final post in a multi-part review of the Conroe, TX gun show sponsored by High Caliber Gun Shows.  The previous two parts of the review, covering the show location, opening, and firearm pricing updates can be found here.

Conroe, TX Apr. 17 Part I

Conroe, TX Apr. 17 Part II

I only had four hours on the floor and spent most of that time concentrating on firearm prices, so the remaining updates are unfortunately a bit more sparse than usual.


Just as an aside, I’ve heard lots of groaning about ammo prices at recent shows, but the commentary I heard at this show bordered on near rebellion.  We may have reached (or surpassed) levels at which even panic buyers will purchase.  Coupled with an increase in supply, we should see lower prices ahead.


Darrel Pocock Ammo

.45 ACP: WWB 230gr FMJ, 100-rnd $99.95, AE 230 gr. FMJ $34.95/box, Hornady 185gr FTX #34.95/box, Speer Lawman 185gr TMJ $39.95/box

9mm: Estate 115gr FMJ $49.95/box, Winchester 105gr ‘super clean’, lead free JFP $79.95/box, Ranger 124gr +p JHP $99.95/box, Speer GD short-barrel 124gr. +p $59.95/box, Federal HydraShok 147gr $59.95/box

5.56/.223: PMC X-Tac XP 193 55gr $19.95/box, 62gr green-tip $25/box, AE .223 55gr FMJ $119.95/100


AMMO (the big orange sign)

.22LR: CCI mini-mags $19.95/box, Winchester Western 525rnd 36gr $99.95/box, M22 50gr BCP $89.95/brick

9mm: PMC 115gr FMJ $39.95/box

.45ACP: Armscore 230gr FMJ $29.95/box, Hornady 200gr XTP $25.55/box, 185gr XTP $22.95/box, UMC 230gr FMJ $34.95/box

.223: bags of 55gr FMJ $99.95/100


Other price points from private sale or unnamed vendors include WWB 9mm 115gr 100-rnd $79.95/box, Win ‘super clean’ 5.56 55gr JSP $21.95/box, Super-X .223 55gr lead-free $25.87/box, and Hornady match 5.56 75gr BATP $26.95 from Texas Tactical Gear.



WRB Concealment had some interesting velcro stick-on and truck/car seat holsters on display.  Neither were clearly priced and I did not have time to check them out.

Ultimate Concealed Carry was the Hide-It holster vendor at the show.

Austin Davis sold a lot of Kangaroo Carry holsters.  Seems like he was closing a sale every time I walked by.



I did not do either category justice at this show, so I lumped both of them together as the only vendor that really caught my eye was Beckwith’s Blades since they sold edged weapons, Thrive, first aid, and survival supplies.  Wasson Knives was another vendor that I wish I had time to check out.



Marc Johnson offered CHL classes at $100 for new and $75 for renewal.



Explore Optics and Prestige Optics were the two big vendors.  Explore featured the NatureSmart flashlights ranging from 20 to 500 lumens at $24 to $130.  I almost walked out with the 500LM model, but I know it will be under one strong in just a few months, so I’m still counting on my 310LM RedLine in the mean time 🙂  I purchased a set of SmartReloader electronic ear muffs from Prestige and will post a review in the future.



Slide Fire Solutions and Tactical AK 47 were familiar vendors from the North Texas shows.  Russian Art Online was an interesting vendor, but I barely had time to walk past their tables.  Biometric Auto Home Security sold biometric safes.  Stun Gun Safety Products sold a variety of stun guns, including low-voltage models specifically for snake bites (I’ll have to Google that at some later time).  They also had 9.8M volt models disguised as cigarette packs for $40.

Food vendors included Don’s Smoke House (who was sold out of turkey when I walked by) and Rust Game Place who sold a variety of smoked meat (which was interesting if you’re into, say, buffalo jerky).


Well, that’s it for my first Conroe show.   This coming weekend, I hope to see you at the NRA Annual Meeting.