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The entire photo collection is up on Flickr .  This post completes my notes and observations across the floor over two days.  Please feel free to post a comment to cover stuff I missed.

The first set of notes can be found here.

– Ruger promoted new muzzle break system – replaceable with a muzzle weight.  Demonstrated on Guide Gun (left-handed model in .375 Ruger now available).  SR 45 was very popular.  They also promoted less-than-lethal SD products (like Tornado sprays) and gear.  The Navy Seal Foundation 1911 Talo Edition was on display.

– Brownells Gun Techs were on hand to answer questions.  Dream Guns display was interesting.  Held drawing for $500 gift card.

– Project Appleseed (sponsored by Revolutionary War Veterans Association) promoted marksmanship clinics and the role marksmanship played in the country’s heritage.

– Savage showed off the B-mag (17 WSM).

– AmmoToGo handed out free t-shirts but no free ammo.  Just got an order delivered from them.

– Bushmaster’s Predator and Varminter rifles (and maybe a couple others) now sport Mapgul MOE stocks w/sling loop, and replaceable butt pad w/storage compartment.

– The Henry Golden Boy Firefighter Tribute edition in .22LR was very cool.

– In addition to an impressive display of argues, AirForce showed off its Sound-Loc noise reduction kit.

– HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield) is looking for individual and corporate sponsors – .

– ATI pushed the Raven stock for Benelli.

– ERGO Grip showed off their patriot rail covers – show special $10/pair.

– LaserLyte was out in force with the training cartridges and training systems on display.  They were out of the .45ACP training cartridges when I walked by.

– Viridian had their lasers on display, but the coolest item was the holster system that remembers your laser and light settings and automatically sets them on draw.

– CZ just added a Tacticool rifle (that’s their name) – the CZ 445 Tacticool. 22LR, black Monte Carlo stock, blued metal parts.  About $500 MSRP.  I spent more time looking at the P-09 Duty.  The 10mm CZ-97B concept is  intriguing – no indication if it will become an actual product (just a concept gun now).  There is a video I need to search through my bookmarks and post later.

– There were a variety of training cartridge manufacturers – Simunition seemed to be the most popular (lead and heavy-metal free marker rounds).

– Several companies offered legal defense services, US Law Shield (basically Texas Law Shield with the multi-state option), Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, and Second Call Defense.

– Vertex showed off a new pattern for their tactical clothing.  Interesting (and expensive).

– Concealed carry clothing and accessories were available at the store, most of which we’e all familiar with.  The one I had not seen before was the CCW Breakaway pants (they come in Khakis, Cargos, and Jeans).  I’ll probably have to buy a pair and post a review.

– Lots of vendors selling hearing protection; electronic was the big thing.

– My Case Builder allows you to build custom foam gun cases with an online tool.

– Kodiak promoted the Intelligun system for 1911’s, basically a biometric (aftermarket grip) locking system that only allows you to operate your gun.  They claim unlock in 0.2 seconds and MSRP is $299.

– Also in the interesting gadgets department was the Ammo Counter from Radetec – an LED display that indicates remaining round count  (grip replacement) – available for Beretta 92FS, 1911, and AR-15.

– If you’re really a tacticool person, you would have liked the Muzzle Shot (tactical shot glasses).

– SRM showed off the 12/16 and I finally got to rotate and remove the tubes – it is easy to operate once you get a little familiarity with the system.

– The Gum Creek vehicle handgun mounts looked intriguing because they require no mods to the vehicle in order to install.

– I tried to get more details on the Lone Wolf G9 Carbine, but could not get time with a rep.  I needed to stay another day – check it out here,

– Adaptive Tactical showed the Sidewinder Venom (10rnd rotary mag).  Too cool.  Now, I want a semi-auto shotgun.

– The Coonan .357 magnum 1911 was way cool.

– Beretta showed the AX100 multi-caliber rifle.  5.56 to 300 BLK with an optional barrel kit (ambi controls).


– Several interesting cleaning product vendors from the NRA Gun Care system (MIL-COMM) to Rand CLP (nano-infused cleaner – supposedly, nano-particles work their way into the metal to form a ‘shield’ – vegetable oil base helps lift out fouling).  Samples were available, so I’ll try it out.

– The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) was interesting – I had to don a western holster and SA revolver, plus a black cowboy hat – fortunately we are all spared from any photos of it.  I guess it’s three-gun with an old west theme.

– Freedom Munitions now offers a mail-in brass credit program.

– Pierce showed off the Ted Nugent brand ammo – too bad he didn’t make an appearance.

– I finally got my hands on a .50 Beowulf at Alexander Arms.

– The MGI Hydra was interesting (highly modular, 5.56 base platform, .45 w/Glock mags, 9mm w/Colt magus) – saw a belt-fed version at the show.

– Cold Steel announced that they are donating 10% of their online sales to the NRA.  They had some wicked swords on display, and this is where my sucky phone camera failed the worst.

– National Firearms Dealers claims to have the largest online firearms-related shopping mall.  They had a unique partner program with other vendors – collect special cards from the vendors (which forces you to visit those booths and find the cards) and place all of them into a folder  – then you’re entered for an iPad 3.  I’ve already got an iPad and planned on visiting most of the vendors anyway. .