Mesquite Gun Show May 18 2013

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Show Reviews
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I dropped by the Mesquite Gun Show on my way back from Fusion Gun Range (south of Forney). This show is sponsored by North Texas Gun Club (Classic Shows). In case you’re not familiar with the North Texas show circuit, there is another show at the same location, sponsored by Premier Gun Shows. This one was the NTGC Show.

After a dismal Irving show and an underperforming display at their prior Mesquite show, I was interested in how much traffic this show would attract. I knew many of the top-tier vendors would be at the Premier San Antonio show, but there were no other competing shows in the area (closest was the one in Sherman).

On the way out to Forney, I noticed something I don’t recall seeing (at least recently) for any NTGC show – a billboard. Perhaps they got beaten up enough over the Irving show to do some more serious advertising. I arrived at 8:50AM on the return trip and although I was able to park in the main lot, it was filling quickly and I noticed a longer line than the last NTGC Mesquite show.


By opening, the line wrapped well around to the left of the main entrance, very similar to that at the prior Premier Mesquite show.

The show opened promptly at 9AM, although line management could have been better.  They could have moved people faster with at least one show representative vectoring people with gun checks over to the right of the main line.  As it was handled, it was up to the attendees to ‘figure it out’ and I did see clumps of people standing behind others that were waiting for checks without any firearm to check.  That caused the line to back up on occasion.

In any event, I made it inside and noticed a full room with a pretty decent selection of vendors.  Like the Ft. Worth show, I did a sweep across the floor and wrote down anything that caught my eye from as many vendors as possible.  A few general observations include

– ARs’ are getting more affordable every show (many sub-$1K options available)

– Glocks are getting close to pre-election prices (I included a couple G17 gen-4 prices in this review)

– Ammo prices are are coming down (in general), but there is massive variance, especially in .22LR and 9mm.  Shop around and shop carefully.  .380 is about as bad as 9mm – If it’s 9mm short, why can’t the price be short 🙂  Paid $30 for a bag of 50 from Dallas Reloading Service just so my wife could go shooting this week.

As always, unless otherwise noted, prices noted below are considered show-only by the vendor and reflect a discount for cash transactions.



Shotgun Blasters – Pat Harrington has clearly been watching too many Zombie Apocalypse shows on TV (maybe that’s why I like his stuff so much).  His latest creation is ‘The Boss” – Saiga 12 w/ATI pistol grip, UTAC 1000-yrd scope, 2000 yrd green laser, tubular forend, forward vertical grip, and most importantly, the retractable Zombie spike system.  I was so enamored with the build that I forgot to ask about the price.  I’ll get an update posted later this week.


Gotta Have Guns – Masterpiece 5.57 $529, Gen-4 Glock 22 in FDE $709, Bodyguard .380 w/laser $449.


W Guns – M&P Shield, both 9mm and .40 S&W $625, bi-tone XD-S .45 $649.


S.W.A.T Firearms – billet AR lowers on display, but once I saw the 29″ barrel, bolt-action 50BMG w/muzzle break, I quit paying attention to anything else.  $1895.


Shooter’s Shotgun Shack – Devil Dog Arms DDA-15 $1399, .50 GI conversion kits for large-frame Glocks (20/21) $625-$695 for complete kits with various add-ons.


Grumpy’s Guns – Sig 1911 TacOps w/threaded barrel $1099.


Grave’s Guns – Ruger 22/45 Lite $349 (you too could be the man with a -sort of- golden gun).


The Gun Zone – Walther PPX $439, FNX 45 FDE $699, Sig 1911 Scorpion FDE $949, gen-4 G17 $549, Daniel Defense M4 $1499, M&P 15 Sport $749, H&K 416 $599.


Republic Arsenal – M&P Shields 9mm and .40 S&W $625, Colt LE 6920 $1199, DPMS Panther Lite $1099, Sig RM-400 $1299, ISSG MK-22 $599.


Love’s Guns – Rossi Ranch Hands in .357 and .44 mag, $435, Sig 556R (7.62×39) $1892.


Stone Chimney Creek – Kel Tec SU-22 $399, Beretta ARX-160 $539, Sig 516 Patrol OD/G $1599, M&P Shield .40 S&W $479, H&K P30S $950, Ruger LC9 NRA Edition $399 and the Super Blackhawk in .44 mag for $599.


Blackland Outdoor Sports – Armalite AR-50 w/bipod, Nightforce 8×32 scope, 300 rnds ammo, $8000.  Gen-4 Glock 17 $529, all black XD-S .45 $549, Mossberg 715T $339.


Open All Season – USED Thompson Center .45LC/.410 G2 Contender $650.


Armadillo Guns – M&P .40 S&W $507.


A&R Guns and Ammo – Ruger SR556 $1789.


GS Guns – XD-M .40 S&W (3.8″) OD/G $690.




Alamo Ammo

.45 ACP: Federal HydraShock 230gr +p $49.95/box, 230gr. Hi-Shock JHP $44.95/box, Hornady Critical Defense 185gr $34.95.  UMC 230gr FMJ 250-rnd $174.95, WWB 230 gr. FMJ 100-rnd $64.95.

.40 S&W: Win Silver-tips 155gr STHP $39.95/box, Hornady Critical Duty 175gr $39.95/box, AE 180gr FMJ $28.95/box.

9mm: AE 115gr FMJ $44.95/box, UMC 115gr FMJ 250-rnd $199.95, 100-rnd $69.95, PMC 115gr FMJ $34.95/box.

.223: Win PDX1-Defender 60gr JHP $335/box of 200.


Dallas Reloading Service

(reloads in bags) .45 230 gr JHP $29/50, FMJ $27/50, .40 S&W 165gr FMJ $27.50/50, 9mm 115gr FMJ $23/50

(new) .380 95gr FMJ $265/500 (in box).

.223: 55gr FMJ $649/1000, SP for $679/1000, V-Max for $425/500.


El Paso Saddlery sold Federal 5.56 62gr green-tip, 420-rnd in ammo can for $325.  Best price I saw on .22LR was from an unnamed (no sign or business card) vendor with CCi mini-mags for $15/box (went as high as $45 elsewhere), Rem Golden Bullet 525-rnd $65, and WWB .40 S&W 165 gr FMJ 100-rnd $50.



Hi-Tech Ammo (out of KS) was a new vendor.  They sell commercial reloads.  Prices seemed okay, but nothing in the calibers I shoot.  Ballistic Ink made another appearance after a successful debut at Market Hall.  Nice t-shirts.  Duval Arms sold suppressors, but I ran out of time before talking about one for my FNX 45 Tactical. Aux Arc MRG sold an AR-15 carbon removal tool. Ray Navarro (Gun Tattoos) demonstrated some very impressive custom engravings.  A couple of food vendors for preppers included Vital Foods, LLC, Provident (Sheila Dean), and Food Security Products.

I talked with one of the vendors of less-than-lethal products about a Pitbull stun gun/flashlight.  His out-the-door price was $40.  They are available (new) from Amazon from $41.99, so that appeared to be a decent price.  The point here is to take your smart phone and do price checks before whipping out your wallet.  Sometimes you will take home a good deal and other times you will get taken unless you do thorough homework.

After over two hours on the floor, I had to call it a day.  People were still streaming in, but there was no line when I left. Overall, it was a step up from the prior NTGC Mesquite show.


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