Ft. Worth Gun Show May 25 2013 Part I

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is a brief review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on May 25, 2013, sponsored by Lone Star Gun Shows.  I’ve reviewed and updated this show quite often in recent months, so this update will be a bit different.

The advertisement for this show was ‘bigger and better – more vendors for more deals.’  Well, I don’t count tables or vendors, so I have no means other than general impression to determine if such a claim truly applied to this show.  I actually considered not attending at all in order to save my gas money for the holiday and the trip to Pasadena next weekend.  However, I was on the hunt for ammo and some new products for the review queue, so I decided to make the trip to Ft. Worth.  At least it would be interesting to see how show traffic panned out on a holiday weekend.

I arrived about 8:45 AM so that I could get a good view of the line.  There was a gem show in the adjacent hall, but you don’t really think anyone was in line early for a gem show, do you?


No, it was all gun show traffic and all collected inside the entrance.  There was an obvious gun-check line down the left wall and the remainder of the traffic wrapped around in a serpentine fashion, so the end-of-line was not immediately evident.

Once the show opened, many people simply walked right into a bump in the line from the bottom of the escalator and inadvertently cut in front of everyone else.  Not necessarily intentional, but it was pretty poor line management on the part of the promoter.  It was a nice, calm day, so there was no reason not to have two obvious single-file lines.

In any event, two people were available to process payments (one exclusively for the gun-check line), so I made it inside by 9:10.  Now, in terms of the ‘bigger and better,’ it’s hard to say.  Most all the usual suspects were present and the floor was packed, although it did not seem larger than the prior show.

Since I had a lot of buying to do (I spent over $400), this review will be completely different from past updates.  I’ve been involved in a number of conversations over the past few weeks about gun shows in general and the amount of disinformation about the show experience is pretty staggering.  Far too many people still believe gun shows are just smoke-filled halls where people go up to one another and grumble, “hey, you got a clean piece?” Or, there are nothing but guns and ammo on display and everyone in attendance is a hardcore gun-collecting, ammo-hoarding freak.  Then, there is the “my wife is interested in self-defense, but she’s not ready for a gun, so I can’ take her to a gun show” guy along with his counter-part, Mr. “Well, I can’t take the kids because there’s nothing there for them.”

So, I’ll start with some brief ammo updates and then the remainder of the review will summarize the non-firearm vendors and products at the Lone Star Ft. Worth show.

On the subject of firearms, it was obvious from scanning the tables that inventories are moving back to ‘normal.’  I talked with several dealers who indicated they will be receiving shipments from orders dating back to early first quarter.  Prices continue to trend downward on average, although there can still be a lot of variance in a particular model, especially revolvers (which I found somewhat odd).  Shields and even more ARs (10s and 15s) are on the way.


I was seriously in the market for .45 ACP carry ammo and 10mm practice ammo, so I took note of prices primarily for these calibers.  I also kept my eyes open for 9mm practice ammo and .22LR of any variety.  The best advice I can continue to supply is shop the entire floor.  There is a wide variance for the very same product in factory ammo and a lot of the prices are still ridiculous.  If a price causes your eyes to bulge out or the box is worn, taped, etc. simply don’t but it.  That’s the best way to get prices to come down.


.45 ACP

– Speer Gold Dot 200gr +p – found only one box on the entire floor, $52.

– WWB 230 gr FMJ, 100-rnd, check out the variance on these price points across the show: $46, $64.95, $65, $69, $79.95.

– WWB 230 gr. FMJ, 50-rnd, $32.

– AE 230 gr. FMJ, 100-rnd, $60.

– Reman Brass, 230gr JHP $289/500, $200/500 for FMJ.

– Once-fired brass $29/50 in bags.


– 115gr FMJ PMC Bronze: $29, $34.95, $49.95.

– 100gr Frangible $125/250 in plastic ammo can.

– WWB 115gr FMJ, 100-rnd, $60, $85.95.

– 124gr FMJ (reman) $25/50.

– Winchester 115gr FMJ’s 100-rnd $69.96, 500-rnd $347, 1000-rnd $689.

– Reman Brass, 115gr FMJ $325/1000.

– Once-fired brass $27/50 in bags.

– WWB 115gr FMJ, $30/box of 50.

– Winchester SXZ, 115gr JHP $31/box of 50.


– UMC 180gr FMJ’s, $42.

– 180gr FMJ $119/250 in plastic ammo can.

– AE 180gr FMJ $36.95


– CCI min-mags, $20.

– Federal 525-rnd $70, 550-rnd $75.

– Rem Golden Bullet, 525-rnd $70, $75.

– Winchester, 330-rnd HP, $45.


Tomorrow, I’ll cover a variety of non-firearm products, including one that made my wife say, “Oh, I wish I would have gone.”  Thanks for your time and making Texas Gun Show Review a part of your day.

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