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This is the second part is a two-part review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on May 25, 2013, sponsored by Lone Star Gun Shows.  In part I of the review, I covered the show opening and some ammo updates.  Since I’ve already reviewed and updated this show multiple times in prior months, I’m going to take a different approach to this final post and cover a sampling of the non-firearm vendors and products at Ft. Worth.  Based on supply dynamics in the industry, I think mid to latter June is a better point to provide firearm pricing updates.

So, here is a sampling of what was available in every category ranging from less-than-lethal to survival supplies.

Outdoor Products is a regular vendor that sells targets and range bags.  One of my favorite targets is the terrorist in a ski mask, which they claim to be revamping (it was not on display).  They also sell a variety of bags and backpacks.  Their show deals were R1 range bags for $55 and Explorer range bags for $25.

Sparky Stun Guns out of Kemah, TX was a new vendor.  In addition to less-than-lethal self-defense gear, they sold tactical lights.  The show special was a Weiita Sparker FT6-1 (600LM) rechargeable (also runs on 3 AAA batteries) for $59.

– The BBQ Grill Matt was an interesting item, kind of like what you would expect to see at the state fair.  Lays out over any heat source other than raging flames (up to 500 degrees) and provides a consistent, no-stick cooking surface.  Yes, food samples were available.

Just For Guns sells a variety of accessories and for this show, they donated 5% of all sales to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Janes Tools is another regular that offered a large collection of tools at sale prices for this show.

Outdoor Life Church makes an occasional appearance at gun shows.  They hold Bible studies during the week and then engage in mission projects  on the weekend.  For this show, they raffled off 1200 rounds of .22LR ammo ($1 tickets).

– On the subject of raffles, one was available (benefitting the Rio Vista volunteer fire dept.) for a $50 ticket that paid off everything from televisions to firearms.  Unlike most raffles that are a one-shot affair, you are in this one every week of the year and the winning tickets are based on the Texas pick-3 lotto.

Prepare Now Outfitters sells a variety of outdoor and survival supplies.  Their show special was the life straw at $20, although my wife and I have three of them, all purchased at various gun shows for the same price.  Twenty bucks must be the going ‘special’ price.  They also sold QuikClot Sport sponges for $13.

Wing One Clay Throwers sold for $34.95.

– The lady selling Ne’Qwa art was at Ft. Worth, and the highlight of the display was a Thomas Kinkade limited edition piece.  When my wife heard about it, she said she wished she had gone to the show.  She might not have like the $130 price tag, though.

Heirloom Seeds sold pretty much anything you need to replenish food supplies after the Zombie Apocalypse.

Proxima Outdoor Supply is another regular (and favorite) survival-supply vendor.  The tomahawks with paracord-wrapped handles are always popular in the $40-$50 range, and SOG tomahawks were on the table for $50.  Just what you need for Zombie CQB.  NDUR bottles sold for $55. Aurora Firestarters were on sale for $32.

SC and Company Concealment displayed some interesting concealment t-shirts for $45-$48, depending on size.  The rep. could not comment on the range of guns they support, so you would have to bring yours in for a manual check.

Top Gun Tank Tops sold firearm-themed tank tops for women for $10.

South Summit Adventure Outpost is typically the largest gun show vendor selling outdoor and survival products.  Kids could get their ninja vibe on with 18″ Ninja Blowguns (plastic darts) for only seven bucks.  If you were looking for an easy-to-shoot distance weapon, then the 50-lb pistol crossbow was an option at $19.95 or the 80-lb option at $29.95.  You can typically find a variety of slingshots at gun shows from some of these vendors.  South Summit also displayed Zombie knives for $12, Zombie-themed machetes and hatchets for $25, and a 2-machete and knife set for $60.  If you’re looking for more traditional less-than-lethal SD options, they included Crime Halter pepper spray and foams for $6 a unit or two for $10.  Mini stun guns were on sale for $34.95 and the C2 tasers were on display in a variety of colors for $399.95.  Home defense options included the Police Magnum spray can for $34.95 (fires a solid stream of 17% OC up to 30 feet).

– There were several vendors that catered exclusively to women such as Grace Adele Purses.  These are decorative, non-concealment items.  Purses sold for $80, clutches for $40, wallets for $35, cell phone holders (my wife was in the market for one and commented again that she should have attended the show) for $20, and scarfs for $15.

Outback Fire-starters was at Ft. Worth.  Interestingly, at one of the first shows my wife and I ever attended together, this was our first joint purchase – we each have one packed in our 72-hour bags.

Smoke and Fire Defense sells a variety of less-than-lethal gear, including 18% pepper spray for $8 ea. or two for $15.  Slingshots were on sale for $10 and you could purchase the ‘Navy Seal’ auto knife (replica, I believe) for $30.  Be careful that you understand state laws before going wild on SD items at a show.  You can get telescoping batons, brass knuckles, brass knuckes with knives, and a variety of other items at shows that may or may not be legal to carry in your state of residence.  Of course, once the Zombie Apocalypse hits, anything is legal to carry 🙂  The highlight from Smoke and Fire Defense for this show was the Batman throwing star (carried around the neck) for $20.

– You could pick up a wide variety of firearm-themed t-shirts, most of which are in the $15-$18 range.  Stickers were available for two bucks.

– Decorative concealment purses were on sale for $30 and up, along with purse/wallet combos for $60.  So, there were a lot of options for women if you wife ever gives you a hard time about attending.

– Speaking of women, Damsel in Defense was a new vendor selling SD gear specifically for women and they have home-business options available.

My Safe Gun Training was a familiar vendor.  They specialize in NRA courses and Texas CHL’s, targeted more towards smaller classes, even one-on-one.  And yes, ladies-only classes are available.

Don’s Smokehouse saved me from the overpriced concessions with their usual awesome smoked turkey.

Beefsteak Jerky Ranch Co. was another food vendor.

Professional Hearing Health Group out of LA offered custom-molded hearing protection and augmentation.

Shooter’s Plugs sold custom-fit hearing protection.

Jane Scribner was a Shelf Reliance vendor.  The Thrive products were heavily on display, but what caught my eye was the pre-packaged two-person, 72-hour survival bag for $100.  Pretty well equipped.

Bionic Band was at the show with a variety of models ranging from velcro models at $60 to crosses and bracelets in the $100 to $130 range.  They might help a bit with balance (a review topic for another time), but in terms of making you a better shooter, I’d recommend spending that money on a good lesson.  Proper stance and trigger control will do you a lot more good in the long term.

Power Core was another one of the band products.  They put on pretty much the same demos you’ve seen at local malls.

LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal) was at Ft. Worth selling plans covering a variety of areas including a new one for identity theft.  $17 a month.

– A variety of vendors sell Thrive or Wise food products for your preps, and Water Survival Solutions offered a filtration product in backpack or bottle form.   Show price was $25 (well below their online offering).

Gun Permits Made Easy was back selling the Florida CHL course for a ‘show special’ of $75.

– Back to products for women, Danna Dickinson Sterling Silver Jewelry offered a 65% off show special.

– Gun Safes is another regular vendor.  Along with larger safes and compact gun storage options (SecureVault gun vault for $50), they sold a safe dehumidifier for $20.

Your Gun Man is a relatively new firearms community.

Crickie Qwipple is another SD products and survival gear company.  They sold  Zombie Zapper stun guns for $15 at Ft. Worth along with some very nice 2nd amendment t-shirts for the same price.

MatchCo (another product in my bug-out bag) is appearing at more and more shows with their firestarting system that runs with pretty much anything combustible (think of it as a lighter on steroids).  Used by the military.

Monster Vault was a pretty cool storage option for under your bed.  $699 online.  $599 show special.

– Now I’m back to products for women with one of the more innovative concealment options I’ve seen in a while.  If you think FlashBang is cool, then you would have liked the corset holster from FemmeFatal Holsters.  I’m not into ankle holsters, but theirs looked innovative if that is a holster option you wish to pursue.

– Vessey Ranch sold a variety of framed prints that actually were disguised gun safes.  $80 to $120.

– I’ll sneak this one in: 30-rnd pMags were available for $19 and Glock mags sold in ranges (depending on caliber and capacity) for $25-$40.

– Okay, I’ll sneak another one in – D&R Manufacturing Solutions advertised CMC trigger systems for AR’s – technology purchased from Chip McCormick Corp.  $180.

My apologizes to vendors I missed in the non-firearms category.  I had three hours budgeted for the show and stayed on the floor three and a half.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you were there and I missed you in this update.