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Posted: June 3, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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Company: Shotgun Blasters
Owner: Pat Harrington
Web Site:
Contact: PatHarrington [at ] shotgunblasters [dot] com


“I don’t fit the mold, and I don’t sell guns off a cardboard box”
– Pat Harrington of Carrollton, TX, owner of Shotgun Blasters

I fell in love with guns at the age of 5, shooting with my Grandfather in Roswell, NM at aliens and arrowheads (well, mostly arrowheads).   I fired my first rifle near Bottomless Lakes, NM and it formed an instant love affair with firearms.

Shotguns, however, quickly grew to become my passion.  I suppose that they were a great weapon of choice for so many reasons, hunting, sporting, military, law enforcement, private security and personlal defense uses, and I just can’t help but love the sheer fun and thrill of the blast.  I suppose the bigger the kick, the bigger the fun.

I worked in the restaurant business for 31 years, and built custom shotguns for friends, family, and even old bosses.  Then, after leaving for a ‘normal’ job, I found enough time to work on even more customized builds.  I took a single build with me to local gun shows just to see the reaction.  I was amazed how almost all the vendors and hundreds of attendees reacted; literally hundreds of people at the show wanted to have their picture taken with my build.

Eventually, I carried two models to gun shows and the positive reactions continued to grow.  Once I reached three demos, that proved too much to carry, so I got my first table.  The builds blew vendors, attendees, and even the promoters away, so I knew I had something truly unique.

I’ve now been building custom shotguns for 15 years, and the more guns I built, the more people fell in love with them.  I received a lot of encouragement from friends, family, and customers to purse this as a formal, full-time business.  I’m also amazed at how much the business has grown simply by word of mouth and repeat customers.  Two of my customers have recently purchased their fourth build.

In terms of business, I’m sticking strictly with shotguns.  They have such wide application and it’s so easy to customize them in a number of tactical and practical applications.  Besides, everyone else is doing AR’s.

Shotguns Blasters builds are not accessorizing and they’re not kits.  I’m not limited in terms of shotgun manufacturers; my builds are generally limited only by my and my customer’s imaginations.

Shotgun Blasters was formed in 2011 and just based on the past twelve months, I’m over three years ahead of the original business plan.  I’ve already outgrown the volume that can be produced from my home shop, so the next step is a storefront, and I can assure you that will be multiple storefronts before long J


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