Dallas Market Hall Gun Show June 8, 2013

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is a very brief commentary on the Dallas Market Hall Gun Show on June 8, 2013.   I’ve posted detailed reviews and updates on this show in the past, so this review will be a bit different.  I attended with my wife, which meant that my time on the floor was limited to about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. In addition to searching for some very specific items for my own use, I was really interested to see if the June date for XD-S 9mm models I was given at NRA Houston would hold up.  So, in addition to my own shopping, I did a quick sweep of the floor looking for XD-S 9mm models as well as the .45 ACP to see how prices are holding for that model.

We arrived a little after 8:40AM and this is the state of the line at the north entrance at 8:45AM.


In addition to being noticeably shorter than the same time at the last two Market Hall shows, the vendor gauntlet at this entrance was non-existent.  Although more and more people are aware of the south entrance, that’s not where the traffic was at 8:50AM.


And, this is the state of the line just before opening at 9AM.


It barely wrapped around the tree at the back.  Although a flurry of people walked up right at 9AM, I could tell by 9:30 to 10AM that it this show was going to be far less attended than the prior two.  The vendor area at the sound side of the larger hall (the one with all the non-firearm related vendors) was barely half as populated as the prior show.

The military vehicles display was interesting (I think my favorite was the F4U Corsair), but that did not hide that there were noticeably fewer tables on the floor than the last several shows I’ve attended at this venue.  I would have loved to provide pictures of the vehicles and I even contacted Market Hall to see if I could get media credentials and be allowed to take a limited number of photos under their supervision.  I got some song and dance about security (do you really buy that).  Seriously, what could possibly be conveyed in any photo that someone could not study in detail by dropping a measly ten bucks and walking through the floor on their own?

I picked up some reman. .45 ACP ammo from Good To Go, a Galco Belly Band (expect a review soon) and a few other goodies, and then began my XD-S 9mm hunt.  I did notice a continued downward trend in most pistol prices (I included a couple of other models as data points) and ammo is still pretty pathetic.  There were fewer ammo vendors at this show than the prior one and I noticed a lot of people not even stopping by to look at prices.  Most that did groaned and walked on to something else.

Custom knifemakers are still showing up, but gun shows are a hard audience to sell to, especially for custom crafted models.  There were some really good edged weapons on display, such as Ren-Ten Custom Knives, but in multiple passes by the table, I never saw anyone stopping to take a serious look.

A new vendor sold survival slingshots (think Rambo knife meets high-end slingshot) at $49.95.  Pretty interesting and may be our only option if the political goons ever get their way.  I don’t have any means to evaluate one, though.

Well, enough of that – here’s the quick XD-S and firearms summary:


Republic Arsenal:  XD-S 9mm all black: $599, XD-S .45 ACP all black: $559, M&P Shields 9mm and .40 S&W: $599, Sig P938: $679 to $699.  FNX 45 Tactical all black: $1079.


Bachman Wholesale: XD-S 9mm all black: $599, H&K .45 Tactical w/night sights $1245, FNX 45 Tactical all black: $1143.


S.A.W: DoubleTap two-shot .45 ACP derringer $599, 2″ Chiappa .357 blued w/holster $848, H&K 45 Tactical OD/G w/factory night sights $1899, FNX 45 Tactical FDE $1089, all black $1099, XD-S 9mm all black $699, .45 ACP bi-tone $599, .45 ACP all black $589.


Love’s Guns: FNX 45 Tactical all black $1053.


CJS: XD-S .45 bi-tone $599, FN Five Seven $1399


Unique Guns: XD-S 9mm all black $619, .45 ACP all black $599


W Guns: XD-S 9mm all black $649


CYA: XD-S .45 all black $579, bi-tone $599


D/FW Gun Range was at the show advertising the range and selling firearms: Sig P938 XTM $735 and 938 Nightmare $695


Grumpy’s Guns: Sig P220 Combat in FDE w/threaded barrel $999


I wasn’t really looking at rifles (saving that for Premiere Ft. Worth), okay I lied.  Only thing I’ll mention from this show was the M&P 15 w/camo paint job chambered in 300 BLK for $949 from Blackland Outdoor Sports.  I talked with a couple people about M&P pistols in the line, so I’ll mention that Stone Chimney Creek had an M&P 9, 40, and 40C all on display for $499.

Overall, this show was a bummer.  Light traffic, not nearly as many vendors on the floor, and not much in the new and interesting category unless you really want to get your hands on an XD-S 9mm.

I’ll do a more detailed pricing update at the Ft. Worth Premiere show in a couple weeks and will focus almost exclusively on AR’s.  I believe this one will be the two-hall show, so hopefully it will be more worth the drive than Market Hall was on Saturday.  If the traffic and vendor participation trends continue over the next show, I’ll probably drop Market Hall from the review list.


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