Vendor Profile: Steve Edmondson of MonsterVault

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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Company:  MonsterVault
Company Representative: Steve Edmondson
Web Site:
Contact: steve [at] monstervault [dot] org

“I needed a long gun safe but did not have room for a big stand up safe”

– Steve Edmondson

MonsterVault is a unique low profile safe providing maximum storage and security while taking up a minimum amount of space.  MonsterVault is 7” high so that it fits under a standard bed frame.  The exterior is 48” wide and special design elements allow it to be mounted in the back of full size vehicles.  MonsterVaults are providing secure storage of weapons and valuables in thousands of homes and hundreds of vehicles including motorhomes.  Many Police Agencies, private security firms and US Forest Rangers have chosen MonsterVault as their secure, quick access solution.

MonsterVault was designed over ten years ago to fill a personal need. After searching for an existing under bed solution and not finding it, MonsterVault was created.  MonsterVault has gone through three major design evolutions and countless small improvements to make a highly reliable, cost effective product.

MonsterVault is proudly made in America.  MonsterVault is manufactured alongside Aerospace and Medical products in Pomona CA.  The same high quality standards that are consistent with parts manufactured for aircraft and products used in healthcare are applied to the quality of each MonsterVault.  A new model is due to be released in later June that is designed for Mid-sized SUVS and later this year a unit for Jeeps. 



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