Irving Gun Show June 15, 2013 Part I

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is a very brief update on the Irving Gun Show sponsored by North Texas Gun Club (Classic Shows) on June 15, 2013.  The venue was the Las Colinas Convention Center and I decided to drop by for a couple hours to check ammo prices and see if there was any traffic change from the prior Irving Show.

First, I have to say that I really like this venue.  It’s a reasonable location (at least for me), spacious, easy to find, and ample, free (covered) parking.  That’s one of the reasons I was disappointed to attend the prior Irving show and discover what might be best described as a ghost town.

I noticed a line at 8:45 AM, although not much of one – it extended back to the doors and was just starting to wrap to the left when I entered.


Shortly thereafter, the promoter had people check firearms in advance.  A flurry of people walked up in the last five minutes, so the line wrapped around to the opposite wall just before opening.


By 9AM, my best count was about 70 people in line, much better than the prior Irving show.

As with the previous show, Dallas Morning News was setup and offering free tickets in exchange for subscription specials/tryout/blah, blah.  I only saw one bite before entering.

After entry, I looked over the floor.  The black curtains moved away from the walls to hide the lack of vendors on the floor at the prior show were gone.  This time, the floor was full.  I saw a few new vendors, then started my ammo hunt.  I was looking for Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel .44 magnum.  No luck, so I’ll have to order online.  Here are the other ammo prices I noted (once again, the best advice is to shop the entire floor – and online).



CCI Mini Mags: $25, $20

Winchester 36 gr CPHP 525-rnd: $1240/10 boxes, $124.95/box, $55/box

Remington Golden Bullet 525-rnd: $124.95/box, $55/box, 225-rnd $45/box



Hornady Critial Duty 135 gr +p: $38.95/box, $39.95/box

AE 115 gr FMJ $40.95/box, $35.95/box

WWB 115 gr FMJ: $37.95/box, $55/box (100), $55.95/box (100)

Federal Champion 115gr FMJ: $55/box (100)

Federal Classic 115 gr JHP: $34.95/box

UMC 115 gr FMJ: $74.95/box (100)

PMC Bronze 115 gr FMJ: $22.95/box, $26.95/box

Win Ranger 115 gr +p+ JHP: $45/box

115 gr FMJ: $185/500 in single box

115 gr FMJ: $325/1000 in ammo can

Rem Golden Saber 115 gr +p JHP: $29.95/box


.357 Sig

Federal 100 gr Frangible: $39.95/box


.40 S&W

AE 165 gr. FMJ: $37.95/box

Federal HST 165 gr JHP: $50/box


.45 ACP

AE 230 gr FMJ: $31.95/box

Blazer Brass 230 gr FMJ: $30.95/box

WWB 230 gr FMJ: $60/box (100), $29.95/box (50)

230 gr FMJ: $260/500 in ammo can

PMC Bronze 230 gr FMJ: $27.95/box



AE 55 gr FMJ 100-rnd: $69.95

60 gr SP: $60/bag of 100

60 gr Vmax: $65/bag of 100

PMC Bronze 55 gr FMJ: $14.95/20, $362.50/500, $699.95/1000, $14.95/box

Federal 55 gr FMJ: $219/bag of 250

55 gr FMJ $599/1000 in ammo can

55 gr SP $639/1000 in ammo can

55 gr FMJ: $65/bag of 100, $349.95/500 (25 x boxes of 20)

Win Super-X 64 gr: $23.95/box

Ted Nugent (Pierce) 55 gr Barnes-X: $36.95/box

UMC 50 gr FMJ: $15.95/box

Lake City 55 gr HP: $64.95/bag of 100

Hi-Tech 55gr V-max: $41/box (50), FMJ $38/box (50)



Federal WB 55 gr FMJ: $24.95/box

Winchester 5 5gr FMJ: $17.55/box, $13.95/box

PMC 64 gr green tip: $24.95

Prvi 55 gr FMJ: $29.95/bag of 100


.308 Win

147 gr FMJ: $50/bag of 50


300 Blackout

Rem 220gr: $49.95/box, $39.95/box


50 BMG (after all, it is father’s day weekend)

600 gr FMJ: $49.95/box


Tomorrow, I’ll comment more on traffic and some of the new vendors at this show.  Thanks for making Texas Gun Show Review a part of your day.

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