Irving Gun Show June 15, 2013 Part II

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final post in my update of the Irving Gun Show on June 15, 2013, sponsored by the North Texas Gun Club (Classic Shows).  In part I of the review, I discussed the show opening and ammo pricing updates.  In this post, I’ll add a few comments about new vendors and products.

One item I forgot to mention in the prior post was that I thought I had a good possibility for a holster from Shepherd Leather for my FNX 45 Tactical.  So, I went back home to get the pistol and returned around noon (with my wife in tow).  The traffic was rather brisk at this time, a massive improvement over the prior Irving show.  It did not, however, seem to hit all firearm vendors equally.  I talked with several, some of whom were enjoying a good show and others not so good.  Crazy Gun Dealers seemed to have the best location right at the entryway and I saw the most 4473’s being filled out at the show at their tables.

My wife ended up getting one of those 80lb pistol crossbows from South Summit.  She’s really into archery, so I guess she can wield a crossbow in one hand and a Sig P238 in the other during the Zombie Apocalypse.

On that theme, Irving continues to be a pretty decent show for preppers and I always seem to find something new.  Provident featured the A.R.K survival bracelet, a 15′ paracord bracelet like you see at so many shows, except that you can unwind this one to extract a size-6 fish hook, 20′ of 30lb fishing line, a 1.25″ razor blade, 1.25″ fire steel and some wax-dipped tinder, 2″ of electrical tape, and a bandage. had some really nice t-shirts and here is my favorite.


Best Line Defense is a relatively new vendor in the less-than-lethal SD products category.  They have a lot of products targeted specifically for women, including Bling Spray.


One of the coolest non-firearm products I saw at the show unfortunately does not fit my Samsung Galaxy Note II or I would have walked out with one.


Back to prepping, DRS Survival was a new vendor that featured a wide variety of survival-related products.  Free multitool with $100 purchase and I liked their handouts with the QR code for their site.

Patriot Safety and Security Solutions was another new vendor (personal and home security products).

Mark Stone offers a one-day CHL class and follow-on firearms training (

Apex Firearm Training Center also offers CHL’s for $80 and they handle the photos and provide lunch for their classes.

Overall, it was an okay show with increased traffic from the last show, but still below what I believe the show deserves based on it’s location and venue.

I’ll start the next round of firearm pricing updates (focusing mostly on rifles) at Premier Ft. Worth next week.


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