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Posted: June 19, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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markstoneCompany: Patriot Safety Solutions
Owner: Mark Stone
Web Site:
Contact: mark [at] patriotsafetysolutions [dot] com

““Personal defense is not just a line of work for me, it’s a deep down, dyed in the wool passion.”

– Mark Stone

Thirty plus years ago, I started what turned out to be a long career as a police officer in Panama City Florida. There I was, a nineteen year old kid with a gun, a badge, and a tremendous responsibility on my shoulders. I imagine that you are thinking that nineteen is a bit young to be a cop. And you’re right, but nevertheless, it was so. (And yes, mom had to buy my bullets!) After a few years of “seasoning” in what arguably was the vacation hotspot for half the country, I set my sites on Texas. You see, I had met a beautiful young woman named Faith who worked at the local Dairy Queen, and fallen head over heels in love. It wasn’t too long before I had a new bride, and a new baby a year after that. Her folks were in Texas, the pay was a lot better in Texas, so I reasoned “why not”?

After what seemed like an eternal “road trip”, we arrived in the Dallas area. I did a lot of security work for the first couple of years until I managed to get licensed as a Texas Peace Officer. I finally got back into law enforcement in a small town. Ten months and a new son later, I had a job in a town of about 40,000. That department became “home” for the next 27 years of my life. Actor James Woods once described police work in one of his movies. “It’s not what we do, it’s who we are”. Truer words were never spoken. You see, once a career of public service gets into your blood, it’s not coming out. You can ignore that passion, try to deny it, even swear it never existed, but every time you turn around, there it is, staring you in the face. And I knew that I had that passion.

By about 2008, I knew that for me, my law enforcement career was winding down. There would be a few more years at best. I had to start thinking about the future. What would life be like after police work? It had been a good run, no, a GREAT run. I had done stints as a field training officer, then as a Sergeant. I had worked in training, traffic, schools, hostage negotiations, criminal investigations, accident investigations, administration, tactical, and just about everything else except dope. (Just never felt the “calling” for that mess.) But looking back over all I had done, training was one of the things that I had enjoyed most. By now, I had acquired more training and hard experience in life on the street than most people will ever see on TV. I wanted to tell people what I had learned, in a way that would keep them out of those pitfalls and deathtraps that I had seen so many others wander in to.

In 2010, I started 1 Day Any CHL instructor will tell you that you’ll never make a living teaching CHL. And they are absolutely right. But what it DID do is allow me avenue, and to share with others the benefit of experiences that I would wish on no one. As time passed, I became even more passionate about the subject of CHL and self defense, completely rewriting from the ground up the generic CHL presentation used by many instructors. I really hate to see the state considering reducing CHL training hours, because I have trouble cramming all of the really important stuff into ten. CHL is about your LIFE on the line, not just getting a “feel good card” from the state. It saddens me that so many instructors miss that point, and consequently turn out students who think they are “ready for anything”, but most likely will die in a violent confrontation. So needless to say, I don’t cut corners in my training. It’s the least that I can do for my students.

One of the many things that I picked up early on in teaching CHL was that many students “glossed over” the parts of the curriculum that talks about less than lethal alternatives. (No doubt, many instructors too.) It was just one more subject to “get through” in order to get a CHL. So I began asking people who had a CHL a pretty simple question….”Have you ever considered carrying a stun gun or pepper spray?” Almost ONE HUNDRED percent of the time, those that had a CHL smiled and said “Don’t need it…I have a CHL.”  The reality hit me like a kick in the gut. These people had forgotten that a firearm is an ABSOLUTE last resort. It is NOT the solution of choice, and only necessary in a small percentage of self defense cases. Using it in those OTHER cases will likely cost you your liberty, and almost certainly ruin both your life and finances. To the smart CHL holder, self defense is all about OPTIONS – having viable alternatives to fill in that huge gap between your bare hands and your handgun.

Then I started thinking about those that can’t or won’t carry a handgun. What are their options to keep from becoming a victim? Something as simple as a can of pepper spray or a stun gun may well be all that stands between life and death for them. So in a nutshell, that’s why my wife and I opened Patriot Safety Solutions….to educate and to provide a quality and affordable line of personal defense products to anyone who needs them. My entire family seems to have caught “the vision”, and every one of them is pitching in to help us build a great family owned business.

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Mark Stone


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