Ft. Worth Gun Show June 22 2013, Part I

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is a brief update of the Ft. Worth Gun Show sponsored by Premiere Gun Shows on June 22, 2013.

The June 22-23 show was ‘the big one’ with over 1200 tables split across two halls.  I expected it to attract more attendance and that expectation was met along with one of more money out of my pocket to get in.  I did purchase my ticket online and saved a buck over the $10 entry fee.  I arrived about 8:50 AM and parked in the outer lot which is $8 (not reimbursed).  So, it costs $18 just to get into the show without any discount.

I parked in the outer lot and here is a photo of the line of cars trying to get into the main lot.


Here is the line just before opening.


I was fortunate to quickly locate a Premier rep. and show him the printed ticket I purchased online. My hand was immediately stamped and I walked right into the main hallway just as the show opened.

Since I’m currently in the market for an AR-10, I’m listing AR prices in this review, although I did stray a bit and recorded prices for Kriss Vector Carbines.  I’m also going to take care of a little business from Market Hall.  Crazy Gun Dealers does not attend the Market Hall show which is where I did the XD-S 9mm pricing updates.  CGD does have the 9mm models and they sold for $599 at Ft. Worth with a free box of ammo if you purchase a box from them.

Okay, I strayed a bit more from my AR plan.  I could not help but notice the deals that Independence Firearms had on FNX 45 Tactical models.  All black for $999 and FDE for $1199.  Speaking of deals, for a variety of reasons I won’t go into right now, this is a good time to be a buyer.

The following prices are aggregated by model, not broken down by vendor.  The listed price is for cash transactions and is considered show-only.  There may be very subtle configuration differences between the same model from different vendors. So, this gives you an idea that model ABC was available at the show in the $X to $Y price range.

Some vendors offer incentives such as ammo or free mags, so check the entire floor and talk with everyone before making a decision. Oh, and on the subject of mags, Quantico Tactical had a boatload of pmags on sale for $12.99.


Sig Sauer

516 Patrol: $1199, $1300, $1399, $1489, $1549, $1695, $2300 (w/optic)
716 Patrol: $1795, $1840
M400: $1095, $1099, $1392
M551-A1: $1555
Sig 50 (50 BMG) $10,129 (ideal for a late Father’s Day gift)



XM-15 E2S: $899, $980
XM-15 ORC: $949, $999
M4 Patrolman: $1000, $1099
Carbon 15: $700



LE 6721: $1999
LE 6900: $899, $930
LE 6920: $1295 (tan), $1295 (MOE), $1489, $1495 (MOE), $1699 (OD/G anodized)
LE 6920 MPR: $3589
LE 6940: $1495, $2000
M4 FDE: $1299


Smith and Wesson

M&P 10: $1399, $1448, $1600
M&P 15: multiple configurations from one vendor priced $799 to $1099, ultra-basic models priced $579 to $679, $729, $1149


Rock River Arms

LAR-15: $899, $1689 (quad rail, 2-stage trigger)
Tactical Operator: $1049, $1199
Tactical Operator 2: $1079
ATH: $1299
CAR A4: $929
LAR 308: $3000 (2-stage trigger)



SR 556: $1049, $1198, $1650



82 A1 (50 BMG) $10,995 (hey, how did that one get in here?)



Vector Carbine: $1695, $1799, $1899
Vector SDP: $1799, $1945



SCAR 16S: $2499
SCAR 17S: $2699, $2899
PS 90: $1549


Windham Weaponry

Carbon Fiber: $950
M4: $1079
R16 M4FT: $899



300 Blackout: $1599

I’ll finish off the AR pricing updates tomorrow, which will include more manufacturers, and models in .308 and 300 BLK. I’ll also have a couple comments about new vendors and products at the Ft. Worth show.

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