Ft. Worth Gun Show June 22 2013, Part II

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the final post in the brief update of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on June 22, 2013, sponsored by Premier Gun Shows.

Let’s get right to the important stuff and finish off the AR pricing updates. As with part I of this review, these prices are aggregated by model, not broken down by vendor, and are for cash transactions.


Oracle .308: $1199, $1399
Sportacle: $624, $699, $715
Oracle: $699
Panther Sport 5.56: $671, $795
Panther Sport 7.62: $992
Classic 16: $899
DPMS/New Frontier: $1050


Daniel Defense

DDM4 V1: $1399
DDM4 V3: $1399
DDM4 V5: $1349



R.E.P.R 20″ bbl, Magpul stock: $3899
M6 A2: $2499



P308 16.5″: $2995



M4 MOE: $1599
MOE 300 BLK: $1199



MK3 .308 18″: $1699



Competition 5.56: $1299


Diamond Back

DB-15: $1899


Stag Arms

M2T: $1125


I devoted most of my four hours on the floor to my own rifle shopping and the AR pricing updates, so I did not have much time to fully scan the rest of the two halls.  The most notable new vendor was Shoot Smart – actually, not new to the Ft. Worth show, but they have not been at Will Rogers for quite some time.  They were back with an impressive layout, similar to what I might expect at the NRA show.


In addition to information on the facility (including new private lanes – at least new to me as it’s been a long time since I’ve shot there) they also offered free seminars.  Yes, they are back-door sales pitches, but there was some good information for new shooters and I was glad to see lots of kids attend and receive some excellent safety instruction.


And, it looks like Scott Thornton is still there (good person to book for a lesson)


In addition to some reman .45 ACP from Good To Go Ammo, I purchased a stun flashlight from Gideon Personal Protection for evaluation.  Smoke and Fire Defense has new glow-in-the-dark spray cans so you can quickly locate SD sprays in low-light conditions.

Leading Edge Body Armor looked really interesting.  I hope they are at more shows in the future so I can talk in more detail when time allows.

Black Ox USA was at Ft. Worth.  I had to go home with a ‘Zombie Stopper’ AR rail cover for my tactical shotgun.

Pro Active Defense (adjacent to the Quail Creek Range in Ft. Worth) was at the show.  I had an enjoyable discussion with them and plan to visit soon.  I shot quite a bit at Quail Creek last summer and I think they were just opening Pro Active when I moved over to Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville.

Cimarron Tactical showed off an AR500 hardened steel plate that claims to stop .50 BMG rounds.  Of course, I’ll be dead from the shock of impact anyway, but it’s an interesting product that I wish I had more time to investigate.

VX Marksmanship was another new vendor; private firearms training facility outside of Ft. Worth.  Another one I need to investigate further.

Tactical Storage Solutions seems to be a new player in the covert weapons storage market.  Interesting product displays.

By the time it all gets added up, I probably spent over $2300 at Ft. Worth, so I don’t know if I’ll attend Mesquite.  My July plans are currently for Houston Reliant and Big Town (provided it makes the posted time).  Thanks for making Texas Gun Show Review a part of your day.


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