Yes, I know, I said I was not going to Mesquite, but you really didn’t believe that, did you?  Actually, I believed it until Thursday.  I decided to take my baseball fanatic mom to the Dirk Nowitzki Celebrity Baseball Game on Saturday, and that meant a trip to the outskirts of Garland (very near Mesquite) to pick her up.  I also booked a range session at noon at Fusion Gun Range in Forney.  So, the Mesquite show was a great way to hang out for a couple hours before heading over to the range.

This is hardly a review, and barely an update on the Mesquite Premier show, but I did take a few notes.  Traffic was very light at opening.  I arrived fashionably late at 9:10AM and was able to park in the main lot.  There was no line when I arrived.

I did notice a steady stream of traffic into the show all morning.  The lighter traffic at opening made it easy to walk around the venue and I was able to talk with several firearm vendors.

So, here are a few brief notes from across the floor.

– I purchased some ammo at Shotgun Blasters.  Pat has a new build, so new that it has yet to be named.  I think it should be called ‘Mr. T’, because I pity the fool that steps in front of this one.  MKA 1919 with tooth-and-nail forend, Benelli choke and breacher, M16 sights and carry handle, and 250LM light/laser combo front-mounted on the rail.

– One of my favorite pieces of advice when attending a gun show is shop the entire floor.  Here’s a perfect example. WWB 9mm 115gr FMJ, 100-rnd value pack prices: $25, $40, $60, $73

Republic Arsenal continues to grow and they seem to have something new and interesting at every show.  Oscar did his best to tempt me with a Colt Delta Elite at $999.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t like the lack of chamber support on the DE (and I’m out of funds after Ft. Worth last week), that would have been a deal with appeal.  It didn’t last long, though.  Oscar sold it within the first hour.  RA also has the DoubleTap 2-shot derringers in stock in both 9mm and .45 for $499.  They have the 9mm XD-S for $599.

Crazy Gun Dealers was wheeling and dealing (this is a good time to be a buyer).  All rifle sales come with free ammo and mags.  Pistol sales come with a free box of ammo if you buy a box and you can get a free CHL course.  I saw an M&P 10 for $1399, a Sig 716 for $1999, an XD-S 9mm for $599, and a Kriss Vector carbine for $1739.  Good stuff on the CGD tables.

– I always enjoy taking with Tommy at W Guns.  They have a great selection of pistols for deep conceal and first-time women buyers.  An M&P Shield in 9mm ran $599, and the same model in .40 S&W was on display for $545.  You could pick up a Beretta Nano for $385, or an all black XD-S .45 for $545.

Bachman Wholesale also had the XD-S 9mm for $599, but I didn’t look at anything else because I spent too much time drooling over the Barrett 82 A1 (50 BMG).  One day, I’ll win the lotto and I won’t choke at the $10,995 price tag.

S.A.W. is always a good stop for something interesting, like a SRM 1216 shotgun at $2399, or the Kel Tec KSG for $1799. They had a lot of OD/G Glocks on display, a gen-3 G17 for $529, gen-4 G27 for $569, a gen-4 G21 for $619, a gen-4 G23 for $569, a gen-3 G22 for $519, a gen-4 G17 for $569, a gen-3 G19 for $519, and a gen-4 G26 for $569.

Ellis County Firearms had some nice Mossbergs on the table, including a 500 ZMB chainsaw w/laser for $489.  I also saw a Kriss Vector carbine for $1699.  I saw the pistol version somewhere for $1649, but didn’t write down the vendor.

Independence Firearms is a great place to stop for rifles; I always like talking with them.  Saw a black FN Scar 17S for $2899.  Now, for those that think gun show vendors are all about ripping off consumers, Independence got a great deal on FNX 45 Tacticals in FDE, and they passed the deal along to consumers.  $1199 for the remaining model on the table.

– The Mesquite Convention Center has a distinct lack of a concession area.  The concession vendor in the corner is getting better, but fortunately Don’s Smokehouse was well stocked with turkey and I was able to get bulked up on protein before my range session 🙂

– Only significant new vendor I saw was The Ammo Club.  Think Costco pricing model applied to bulk ammo with limits on the dollar amount of ammo you can purchase at wholesale per year based on your membership level.  I’ve got to get some more detail on their offerings before I think about joining, but it was interesting to see that they will be offering 10mm.

– Big news of the show was Michelle indicating that Big Town is going to make it’s original published schedule.

Like I said, not much of a review, just a few notes taken while I was killing time before heading over to Fusion.  I might do a ‘first impressions’ post on Fusion tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by and if you have anything to add about the Mesquite show, please leave a comment.


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