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Posted: July 8, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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Gun shows are a great place to shop for firearm accessories, although it does help to know exactly what you’re looking for and how to filter out some of the inevitable B.S. that will get shoved in your face.  I’ve had a variety of dealings with half a dozen vendors at various shows over the last year or so, all ranging from really good to making me want to puke.

Recently, I was in the market for a couple additional mags for my FNX 45 Tactical.  If you know FNH, then you know that mag availability typically lags well behind release of the product.  Now, the FNX 45 mags have a different feeding geometry from the FNP equivalent (to rectify issues with certain popular types of ammo in the FNP).  The FNX 45 mags also use the Glock-style holes for indicating round count in the mag.  So, while they are close, they are not exactly the same mag.  Although some have reported online that you can use an FNP 45 mag in the FNX 45, I talked with several FNH reps about this topic at the NRA show and they all stated that even if it works, it’s not recommended for long term use and that it would void any warranty if you experience issues with your FNX.

So, I don’t mind a vendor telling me that they only have FNP 45 mags, not FNX 45.  I don’t mind a vendor stating that they are similar mags, and even suggesting that I might be able to get away with using the FNP 45 mag for limited range use.  I do, however, have an issue with someone insisting that they are exactly the same magazine and completely interchangeable between platforms.  A simple visual examination confirms that they are not the *exact* same mag.  Well, that’s what one vendor did, and rather arrogantly I might add.  He also wanted me to pay $70 a mag for his arrogance.  I asked if he would take the FNP mag back if I took it to the range and it did not work.  He snorted and said that they do not take returns, especially for used mags, then he walked away.  Wow!  That’s someone who really wants to do business, right 🙂

I was really encouraged when I talked with T&G Sales (I purchased XD-S and Glock mags from them in the past).  When I asked, Rich simply stated that they did not have the FNX 45 mags in stock, but they get pretty regular shipments in from FNH.  I handed him my card and asked for an email if any came in.  I received an email from Rich on this Saturday afternoon, and picked up my mags on Sunday morning at the Ft. Worth show.

Instead of paying $70 to Mr. Arrogant for a mag that may or may not work out over the long term, Rich charged me $44.95 per mag.  I was out the door with two FNX 45 mags for $90.

fnx45mag So, yes, the mags do exist!

Not only do they exist, you can get them for a decent price and with great service from T&G Sales.

Look for the blue T&G sign at the next show.

btw, they also have an excellent stock of FN Scar 16S and 17S mags to feed your SCAR addiction.


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