Houston Reliant Gun Show July 13, 2013 Part I

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first part in a review of the Houston Reliant gun show sponsored by High Caliber Gun Shows on July 13, 2013.  Reliant is not part of the normal High Caliber rotation, so I wanted to have a review online for people to compare with the GRB show.  The only other show I’ve attended at Reliant in the past was sponsored by the HGCA, so I tend to think of Reliant as a venue for hosting a pretty large show.


I arrived at 8:30 AM to observe the following line of people waiting for the ticket office to open at Hall E.


The ticket office opened at shortly after 8:30AM.  From there, we moved to another line close to the wall in the above picture.  At 8:40 AM, officers began checking firearms.  I did not want to leave my FNX 45 Tactical in the car, so I checked it into the show.

I guestimated just over a hundred people in line at opening which was promptly at 9AM.  As soon as the door opened, you could see that most of the exhibit hall was walled off, so this turned out to be a relatively small show for such a large venue.  I suppose I could correctly call it ‘GRB light.’  Restrooms were excellent, although I could not say the same for concessions.  I felt better, though, once I spotted Don’s Smokehouse 🙂

Following is a list of the vendors (named businesses) in attendance by category.  Some vendors may fit into multiple categories.



– Texas Firearms Sales
– The Gun Zone
– Full Line Gun Store
– MAD Tactical
– P&A Accessories
– T3 Gun Works
– Tactical AR-15
– Bachman Wholesale
– Custom Combat Systems
– Texas Shooter’s Supply
– WF Armory
– Talco Arms
– Military Gun Supply
– GunsToGo.com
– Love’s Guns
– Spread Fire Arms
– Wild West Weapons


– Darrel Pocock
– Alamo Ammo
– The Bullet Shack

Accessories and Components

– MAD Tactical
– Slide Fire
– P&A Accessories
– Black Gun Stuff
– WF Armory
– Big State Distributors


– WF Armory
– Explore Optics
– Impact Optics
– Prestige Optics

Holsters/Concealment Gear/Cases

– My Handgun Purse
– Ultimate Concealed Carry
– Hazmat Holster Works
– Triple T Holsters
– Tucker & Byrd
– WRB Concealment
– Kangaroo Carry
– Shady Oak Holsters

Tactical Gear

– Texas Vests
– MAD Tactical
– Diamond Down
– P&A Accessories
– Texas Tactical Gear
– GearForYouHere.com
– Katy Gun Gear


– Defensive Training Center
– Texas CHL
– CHL Now
– Tactical CHL
– Guardian Survival Tools


– ION Security
– Double Steel Safes
– RandBrands (Rand CLP)
– InHome Security
– Texan Knives
– Bullet Pens
– Priority Safari Services
– South Summit Adventure Outpost
– Texas Brass Hound
– NATX Airsoft
– CM Marketing Group (biometric safes)
– Texas Law Shield
– Tandy Leather


I had very limited time on the floor due to the drive, so I chose to concentrate on AR ammo prices and made a few notes regarding firearms prices.  That and some additional commentary will be in tomorrow’s post.  Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.

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