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This is the second part in a review of the Houston Reliant gun show sponsored by High Caliber Gun Shows on July 13, 2013. In part I, I reviewed the venue, show opening, and provided a list of vendors by category.  In today’s post, I’ll make a few observations about the show and cover AR-15 ammo prices.

I was disappointed by the size of the show given that it was held at Reliant Center.  I would not recommend this show for a drive of any distance, however, it was not bad provided that you live nearby.  There were deals to be found and some interesting products on display.  Here are a few of the things that caught my attention.

– RandBrands now has a distributor in Houston and is signing up companies to sell Rand CLP.  Here is my review of the product.

– There is an increasing trend to provide CHL courses that go above and beyond the minimum state-required instruction.  A couple vendors at this show offered such training.

– Katy Gun Gear had a great deal on the Clandestine 3000 vest.

– One of the best, or at least most interesting deals on the floor was a UTS-15 from Military Gun Supply for $988.

– The West Fork Armory 300 BLK AR-15 w/suppressor in FDE was very interesting, completely tricked out at $3300.

– One unnamed vendor sold uppers in 5.56, 6.8, and 7.62, some with fluted barrels for $690 – $995.

– Prices on the XDS-9 were $599, right in line with vendors at the North Texas shows.

– AR ammo is generally trending downward, although the best deals by far require buying in bulk.  Pistol calibers are still all over the map, although supplies are coming back.  I actually saw 10mm FMJ AE for $36.95 a box of 50.  I still get mine elsewhere, though.  You really, really need to shop the entire floor.  Same thing with mags and accessories.



My time on the floor was very limited since I had to drive back to Dallas, so I tried to collect as many data points as possible on 5.56/.223 ammo.  These are collated by brand and in the case of multiple offerings, prices are listed lowest to highest.

Winchester 5.56 55gr. FMJ: $13.95/20, $25/20, $337.50/500, $650/1000

Winchester Super-X .223 55gr. lead free: $25.87/box

Winchester Power Point .223 64gr: $29/box

AE .223 55gr. FMJ 100-round value pack: $74.95, $75, $77

AE .223 55gr. FMJ: $12.95/box, $24/box

AE .223 50gr. varmint: $22/box

PMC X-TAC 5.56 $15.95/20, $387.50/500

PMC .223 55gr. FMJ: $11.95/20, $287.50/500, $550/1000

Remington .223 55gr. FMJ: $24.95/box

UMC .223 55gr. FMJ: $149.95/200, $175/200

Federal .223 55gr. FMJ: $75/100

Hornady Match .223 75gr. BTHP: $34/box

Hornady TAP .223 75gr. $33/box

Federal/Lake City 5.56 55gr. FMJ: $585/500

Federal 5.56 55gr. FMJ: $20/30, $65/100

Indepencence 5.56 55gr. FMJ: $15/box


I’ll close with a bit of a teaser from Austin Davis (Kangaroo Carry).  When you achieve something, you should get some sort of recognition – perhaps a medallion?  Something interesting will be happening on August 1.


Thanks again for making Texas Gun Show Review a part of your day.