XDS 45 Light Primer Strikes

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Product Reviews

I shot my XD-S .45 ACP for the first time in over a month a couple days ago.  On the way out of Eagle Gun Range, one of the RSO’s asked me what I was shooting.  When I told him, he mentioned that he also purchased the same pistol but had an issue with light primer strikes.  I passed along a couple practices that have helped me avoid this issue (and I recently passed the 1000 round mark with a pretty wide variety of ammo run through the pistol).

I’ve borrowed an XD-S 9mm and did not experience any issues during that session, although the friend who allowed me to fire his pistol also follows these guidelines.  I hope you may find them helpful if you purchase either caliber of the XD-S.

1 – Firm hold.  I doubt any of the Eagle employees have issues with limp-wristing as they are all fine shots.  But, just for completeness, the pistol requires a firm hold.  By firm, I mean that the wrists do not move back laterally after firing.  You are going to get a lot of muzzle flip with this pistol, so just let it flip and it returns to a level hold just as rapidly.  Now, I don’t mean tight grip.  In fact, the biggest problem I have with the XD-S, especially after shooting larger-framed pistols, is too much grip pressure.  Firm hold, or perhaps a better way to visualize it is a firm base in which the pistol rests, and a comfortable grip seem to work best for me.

2 – Lube well.  My general impression is that the XD-S wants to run well lubed, especially slide rails and slots.  I’ve found that Rand CLP does an excellent job.  I fully clean and lube after every practice session.

3 – Clean striker and channel.  About every 100 founds, I remove the striker and clean both the striker and striker channel.

Again, so far so good with over 1000 rounds of all variety of practice ammo and regular practice with 185 gr. Hornady Critical Defense.  Congratulations and best of luck to all fellow XD-S owners.


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