Allen Gun Show July 21 2013, Part I

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Show Reviews
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This is the first post in a two-part review of the Allen Gun Show, sponsored by North Texas Gun Club on July 21, 2013.  I spent all day Saturday at Big Town, Fusion Gun Range, and my parent’s house, so I had to visit Allen on Sunday.  Historically, this has been one of my favorite venues, especially since it’s a rather short drive from Carrollton.  The show was very well attended in 2012 until the November cancellation and this is the first show at the Allen Event Center since that time.  So, I was very interested to observe how many vendors attended and the level of traffic.


If you’ve never been, the Allen Event Center is a great venue with free, covered parking and this show historically had kind of a high-tech vibe.  The center is close to Cabela’s in Allen and Dick’s sporting goods, so there are plenty of choices to get your outdoors fix.

I arrived fashionably late at 10:50 AM to the typical light Sunday-morning traffic.  The show has tables spread along the hallway from the show entrance to the last entry into the main auditorium.  I noticed some empty tables along the back row of the outside set of tables.  Then, it really hit me when I entered the main auditorium; there were noticeably fewer tables than the prior Allen show.  Like Irving, they tried to hide some of it with black curtains, but if you’ve been there before, you could easily detect the downturn in vendor attendance.

Show traffic was not much better, although it was early Sunday morning.  I stayed until 1:30PM, talked with several vendors, and picked up a backup optic for my new AR (Sig 716 Patrol) and some other supplies.  Traffic did start picking up by the time I left, but still fell short of what that venue deserves.

One concession area was open and Nestle Toll House had a nice booth.  Coffee was really good, but expensive.  Three bills for the same size as a Mickey D’s medium that costs me just over a buck and a half.

I did kind of an impromptu joint-promotion with Crazy Gun Dealer and I need to throw some serious props to Carroll Concealed, who gave me one of the nicest MOLON LABE shirts I’ve ever seen.  I’ll have to devote an entire post to that one at another time.  I also need to give a shout-out to the Allen police officers who are on duty at the show.  They are some of the nicest and coolest people I’ve ever interacted with at any gun show across the country.

Here is the list of named vendors in attendance by category.


Armadillo Guns
The Irishman
Crazy Gun Dealer
Shotgun Blasters
Viking Armory
Talion LLC
Shooters of Texas
Go To War Guns
Front Sight Firearms
Famber Arms
Gun Corps
Frontline Arms
DPS Firearms


The Irishman
Shotgun Blasters
Red D Ammo
Apex Ammo
DPS Firearms
Open All Season


Hassle Free CHL

Holsters/Concealment Gear

Hide-It Holsters
WRB Concealment
Pistol Princess
Conceal City


Explore Optics
Prestige Optics


Bradford Ballistics
CMC Triggers
Bore Stores
H2 Exploding Targets
Shooter’s Ear Plugs

Survival/Preppers/Less Lethal

South Summit Adventure Outpost
Provident Foods
Patriot Safety Solutions
Personal Safety Source


Work Sharp Knife Sharpener
Swamp Rat Blade Company


Nestle Toll House
Beefsteak Jerky
Fried Pie Lady


Eagle Gun Range
Bullet Trap/Frisco Gun Club
Top Gun Texas


Heritage Safes
Colin County Archery
Carroll Concealed
Legal Beer Cover
Wellness Solutions Chiropractic
Ballistic Ink
Supreme Western Products
Safe Room Storm Shelters
Palm Leaf Hats
The Safe Company
Ray Navarro Gun Tattoos
Camo Couture
Best Affordable Insurance
Heavenly Insoles


If I missed anyone, please leave a comment (again, I only record obvious named businesses). Tomorrow, I’ll have some firearm pricing updates from the Allen show, and thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.

Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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