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Company: The Sig Armorer
Owner: Robert Burke
Web Site:
Contact: robert [at ] thesigarmorer [dot] com , 972-342-2717

“I grew up in my father’s workshop, so the transition from woodworking to gunsmithing was a natural one.”
– Robert Burke, The Sig Armorer

Although many people in this business started with firearms at an early age, I actually did not buy my first handgun until after my children were born. I have to confess to spending some time in places that you should not go unarmed. Even though I take every possible precaution as a father, it was pretty obvious to me that I needed to take extra precautions to protect myself in order to ensure my children always had a father. And, I felt it was paramount to be able to protect my family.

The first gun I ever owned was a Mossberg Cruiser 12 ga. Somehow, I thought a 12ga pump with a pistol grip was the ideal home defense weapon for my wife and me. After she shot it one time, she demanded I get rid of it.

Now, like so many people, I got my early firearm advice from movies, so I decided to walk into Bachman Pawn & Gun and purchase a Beretta 92 from ‘Lethal Weapon.’ Well, there was a felony car stop outside the store and one of the perps jumped under my van, so I could not leave the store. A cop came in to secure the store, so I asked him what he carried. Within about 30 minutes, he sold me on Sig Sauer.

I walked out of the store with a P226 9mm and that began my life with Sigs. I was self-employed during the ’08 recession, so I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I purchased a Radocity takedown guide from one of the local gun shows and one night got up enough nerve to completely detail strip my P226. Now, I have to admit to having a couple celebratory beers and waiting a few hours before reassembly, so that process actually took a lot longer ☺

But, I was hooked! I grew up in my father’s workshop, so the transition from woodworking to gunsmithing was a natural one. Since it was possible to reach out online to firearm owners, I decided to start my business as The Sig Armorer. I obtained my armorer’s certificate in 2008 and my FFL in 2010. As of this writing, I am nearing the 1000th entry in my log book!

Although I specialize in Sigs, I also work on 1911’s of any make and model as well as all AR platforms. I do customization only on these platforms, although I offer maintenance and repair service for almost any firearm in the industry.