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Company: Good To Go Ammunition
Owner: Scott Caylor
Web Site:
Contact: scott [at] goodtogoammo [dot] com , 469-853-2309 

shooter “I personally shoot what I load, and I would not hesitate to rely on my ammo for any match or any self-defense situation. When my life or my career depends on it, I know I’m good to go!”

– Scott Caylor, Good To go Ammunition

My father taught me how to shoot when I was ten years old. He owned a sheet metal shop and both my brothers and I worked for him. As a reward, he took us to the range and taught us shooting fundamentals and how to shoot bulls-eye.

We started with an old .45 trying to learn precision shooting skills. We would always try to see who could shoot out the ‘X’ in the middle of the target first or aim for the tiny silhouettes at the upper-left and right-hand side of most targets.

It was a lot of fun and I was fortunate to learn proper grip and trigger control at a very early age. Eventually, I enlisted in the Marine Corp where these skills my father taught me with a handgun were easy to convert over to shooting a rifle as well. During my enlistment in the Marine Corps, I served in the  5800 field (Military Police/Correction). In this field we dealt with firearms more frequently than other occupations in the military. This was good for me because it seemed like I already had a good head start..

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and starting to pursue a career in law enforcement, I began working in my father’s electrical business. One day, my father attended something brand new – an IDPA match. He told me how cool it was and convinced me to attend a match. I was sold after shooting my first match. I did pretty well with nothing more than a .45 Gold Cup, some old shooting glasses and earplugs, and a borrowed holster. Eventually, I had a chance to learn about the speed aspects of shooting, and once I got that down, I really began to excel at both IDPA and USPSA .

I worked for a home builder for several years and began teaching shooting lessons on the weekend to make extra money. I soon discovered my passion for teaching, so I started North Texas Shooting Academy – in 1997 (although I only do private lessons at this time). A few years later, I was tired of working for the other guy so I started my own construction company and named it Grand Master Construction because by this time had earned the title of Grand Master in USPSA. In the winter, construction always gets slow so we decided to go to a gun show to promote the shooting academy. By this time, I loaded all of my own ammo for competition so I started taking ammo to the gun shows and that sold even more quickly than lessons. Then, we started going to more gun shows and that required loading more ammo and once people saw how much I cared about the product, the ammo business just seemed to scream out to be my number one focus.

Well, we needed a name for this new business and my wife always told me that I’m constantly telling people that “You’re good to go!” We did a name search and then a domain name lookup, and it all just seemed to line up. That’s how Good To Go Ammunition got started.

Of course, I got out of the construction business and my wife moved from full time in the financial sector to full time at Good To Go Ammunition. We’re not a garage shop; we have a facility in North Texas with many automated loading machines and several employees.

Several former colleagues have now become investors in the business, which gives us substantial buying power with suppliers. Because of our great relationship with component vendors, we can sell brand new ammo at fantastic prices and meet production schedules that can not be matched by other vendors. That’s why we’re delivering quality ammo when others are out of stock or out of sight on price.

Of course, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured, which a lot of companies in this field are not. More than anything, we take great pride in every round that goes into every package of Good To Go Ammunition. I personally shoot what I load, and I would not hesitate to rely on my ammo for any match or any self-defense situation. When my life or my career depends on it, I know I’m good to go!