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molon-labeI attended the recent Allen Gun show on Sunday, which gave me an opportunity to spend more time talking with vendors due to the lower early-morning traffic.  I had seen the Carroll Concealed shirts before, but I rarely buy themed t-shirts since I always wear a hiking vest during the summer and a jacket during the winter.

I absolutely love the MOLON LABE design from Carroll Concealed.  Apparently, so does Adam Baldwin after seeing his photo at the table.  I had a very enjoyable time talking with the folks from Carroll.  There is an interesting story behind the company and the print process used for their shirts is quite impressive.

I was very pleased when they presented me with one on the way out of the show.  I’ve worn it a few times since then and found it to be surprisingly comfortable for a black shirt during a typical Texas summer.

Carroll has been at the Irving and Allen shows and I suspect you will see them at many more North Texas shows in the future.  Drop by and say hello.  I can say from personal experience that wearing their shirts is not only a great 2A statement, but a comfortable experience as well.

I think the MOLON LABE shirt goes quite well with my American Patriot do-rag.  My wife snapped these just before we went out last night.  I was doing dry-fire drills with my FNX 45 Tactical, so it posed for the pics along with my standard carry configuration (XDS-45 w/extended mag loaded with 185 gr. Critial Defense, 2×7-round  spare mags. short-barrel Smith 629 in Kangarro Carry holster w/200 gr. short-barrel Speer Gold Dot .44 mag, and two speeloaders in a belt pouch).



– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas