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I was really fortunate on Saturday to try out more than just the Ghost Targets.  I was also pleased to shoot a Glock that had been fitted with the drop-in McNally trigger.  I currently own a gen-4 G20 and have owned a G17 and G31 in the past.  So, I’m pretty familiar with the (ugh) stock Glock trigger and its issues as well as the typical polish/connector solutions.

I recently had my G20 trigger worked over by master armorer Mike Caylor at Caylor customs.  The updake was tuned and the break is super-crisp.  The issue with ‘jerk’ resulting from trigger travel (some might say collapse) after the break was also solved.  It is without question the best Glock trigger I’ve every placed my finger on.

As it happens, you can get similar results from a drop-in kit that has user-settable uptake in the McNally trigger kit from McGlock.  The model I fired on Saturday had been tuned to essentially remove all uptake, so it was about as close to a 1911-style trigger as you can probably get on a Glock.  I’m willing to state that if you were blindfolded simply handed the gun, you would be hard-pressed to believe it’s a Glock trigger except that the trigger safety might give it away 🙂


Well, there it is.  If you can remove the frame pins and the trigger assembly, then you know enough to install the McNally trigger kit yourself.  As I mentioned before, you can set the amount of uptake to your personal preference.

I’m very impressed after actually placing some rounds downrange.  If you want more information, visit the McGlock site or you can contact Ghost Targets and get some targets and a Glock tool for your order.  Based on information from the McGlock site, however, it appears as if those of us who like large frames (.45/10mm) are going to have to wait 😦

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas