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This is the first post in a two-part review of the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Association Extravaganza in Ft. Worth, held at the Will Rogers center on Aug. 16-18.  A friend at church convinced me to attend, and my wife almost decided to tag along, but she felt it was too much of a deer or game-hunting only event.

Well, yes, it’s primarily a hunting-oriented show, however I felt there would be a sufficient number of non-hunting vendors to provide a couple hours of distraction for her.  I looked online for a vendor list and could not find anything in a quick search.  So, although it’s not a gun show, I felt an informal review might be helpful for others in a similar situation.

Now, I’m not really into hunting (unless it’s Zombies or Aliens, or my favorite game, Zombie-Aliens).  So, I was curious how the show might appeal to a shooting sports enthusiast who is used to attending lots of gun shows.   This is the same venue as the Premier and Lone Star gun shows, so it was a familiar drive and same parking fee.  Ten bills to enter and you paid outside instead of inside like the gun shows.

I attended on Sunday afternoon and only had about three to four hours budgeted.  That is insufficient time for a complete review, so I decided to approach this one a bit differently and describe the show from the standpoint of a non-hunter.  As such, I’ll state that it was ten dollars well spent.  The show was very family oriented (and lots of families were in attendance).  There were a very wide variety of vendors on the floor and even a few firearm vendors.   I spent just over 3 1/2 hours at the show, got a pretty good introduction to bow hunting from a couple vendors, and even took home some goodies for the wife.  Ha ha – she should have attended 🙂

Now, if you are into hunting, then the variety of vendors devoted to everything from feeders to stands was impressive.  This was also a great show if you were looking to book a hunting trip.  I did not have sufficient time to write down a complete vendor list and talk with everyone.  Here is a list of vendors that I did stop and talk to (provided in no particular order). And, I did see a few Texas gun show vendors.

– Ranch Remotes
– Spirit Mounts
– Gandy Ink
– DIVA Women’s Outdoor Worldwide
– Sportsman Shooting Center (opening Sept. in Grapevine)
– Bargain Hunter Outdoors
– Goal Zero
– Rock Creek Arms
– Tactical Hog Control
– Vets-To-Techs
– Trinity Oaks Dream Trips
– Diva Outfitters
– Vortex Optics
– Alpine Shooting Range
– Diamond Down
– Quigley-Ford long range optics
– Oakwood Outdoors
– Winchester Archery
– Texas Outdoors
– Fishing Eyes
– Koda Bow
– Cajun Custom Rods
– Jose Valencia (custom carved stocks)
– Flex Cam
– Tag Safari
– NITU Co. (day/night vision scopes)
– Sandhill Outfitters
– M1 Star Archery
– Sunflower Cam
– Acute Angling
– Trophy Bag Cooler
– American Airboat
– Chevy Trucks
– Parker Bows
– All Star Archery & Marine
– Sandstone Mountain Ranch
– Game Guard Clothing
– Great Guns (toy wood guns for kids)
– Road Armor
– EoTech Optics (didn’t have the hybrid holo I was looking for)
– Beckwidth’s Blades
– Savage Arms
– Satterwhite Log Homes
– Ranch Hand Truck Fitters
– Brute Outdoors Coolers
– Red Rock Outdoor Gear
– Liberty Safes
– Sport Ear (hearing protection)
– Nikon Optics
– Fowl Play Outfitters
– Ambush Firearms
– Forever Last
– Mitchell’s Mats and Bags
– Four Wheels of Texas
– Buck Girls
– Hang ‘Em High Fire Pits
– Fowl A Holic (apparel)
– Boca Shield Gun Cover
– Igloo
– Camo Couture
– Slogan Outdoor Slings
– Explore Optics
– Cell Gate
– Eagle Eye Hunting Gear
– Bush Knife Sharpening
– Plot Watcher
– Work Sharp
– Sunblock Optics
– CURT Towing Products
– Grace Adele (purses and women’s accessories)
– Affordable Western Store
– Elusive Wildlife Technologies
– Cinnamon Creek Archery
– Fort Knox Safes
– Prestige Optics
– Storm Dorms
– AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink
– Trophy Totes
– Princess Hunter (hunting-themed clothing for girls)
– Trophy Bag Kooler
– Ice Hole Coolers
– CottonWood Armory
– Bed Bunkers Concealed Safes
– The Wildlife Ranch
– Cedar Ridge Aviation

This is not even close to a comprehensive vendor list and just represents those I stopped and talked with (even if only very briefly) during my short time on the floor.  The vendors that stood out for special recognition include

DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide for general promotion of outdoors and shooting sports to women, worldwide through clinics and other activities.  I think I’ll take my wife to their upcoming AR clinic.

Trinity Oaks Dream Trips for providing outdoor opportunities to veterans, the physically challenged, and those battling serious illness.

Vets-to-Techs for helping veterans make the transition from service to careers.

Bed Bunkers for the coolest concealment furniture I’ve ever seen.

If you got tired of making the rounds, you could have hung out at the fishing hole or checked out the indoor rattlesnake roundup.  Or, you could have indulged in the wide variety of salsa and food samples available on the floor.

More to come tomorrow with the photo tour.

Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.

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