Product Review: NRA Gun Care System

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Product Reviews
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I received a sample of the NRA gun care system (Mil-Comm products) at the NRA show in May.  I’ve used the products on several firearms since then and this post summarizes my thoughts to date.


The system consists of three products,

MC25® Enzymatic Cleaner/Degreaser

“An environmentally safe, water-based, enzymatic cleaner/degreaser that emulsifies organic substances on contact including gun lubricants, powder residue and other debris. Delivers double-acting detergent and enzymatic cleaning power. This non-toxic, “all green formula” cleaner properly prepares all firearms for an application of one of Mil-Comm Products’ extreme performance lubricants. Provides gentle, powerful cleaning and de-greasing action. (Not a solvent). All-synthetic, non-toxic.”

TW25B® Lubricating Light Gun Grease

“Mil-Comm’s original formula GUN LUBRICANT and a top-selling, extreme performance firearms lubricant worldwide. Its exceptional performance in adverse conditions (sand, dirt, high-humidity, salt-water and extreme temperature environments) has made it the choice of the U.S. Military, leading law enforcement agencies and sport shooters worldwide. Used by U.S. Special Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and more than 20 U.S. Allied Militaries. Provides ultimate lubrication and anti-corrosion protection for all wear parts and the bore; eliminates galling, short-stroking; improves bore accuracy; increases muzzle velocity…best choice for extreme pressure, heavy load bearing conditions. EXCELLENT for long-term storage, maintaining firearms in fire-ready condition. TW25B GUN GREASE LUBRICANT super-lubricates the bore and heavy wear parts, penetrating and perfecting gun metal surfaces with micro-particles that become suspended in the metal, creating roller-bearing, smooth surfaces. A premium-grade gun lubricant that optimizes firearm performance; repels sand, dust, grit, debris; minimizes the accumulation of gun powder residue; resists wash-off, wear-off, burn-off and evaporation; reduces time and frequency of maintenance with easy wipe-off cleaning; works reliably in temperatures ranging from — 85 F to + 450 F; greatly reduces friction and wear; extends the life of firearm parts. KEY BENEFIT: a lot more shooting with a lot less cleaning. The officially specified gun lubricant of SIG SAUER. All-synthetic, non-toxic.”

MC2500® Lubricating Gun Oil

“MC2500® GUN OIL LUBRICANT is engineered with the same micro-particle chemistry that distinguishes TW25B® gun lube grease – but it’s specially formulated in a lighter “oil” viscosity. MC2500® gun oil easily migrates into tightly fitted, hard-to-reach firearms parts, such as trigger assemblies. Ideal for dispensing into parts where full disassembly is neither desirable nor practical. Our gun oil lube is also excellent for general quick-lubrication replenishment to all parts. Because every gun oil lubricant naturally wears off faster than gun lube made of grease (which stays in place longer) we recommend applying a spit-shine finish of TW25B® synthetic grease gun lube to any and all wear parts that are easily accessible – slides, rails, in the bore. Use MC2500® gun oil lubricant as an all-purpose lubricant where grease is difficult to apply. MC2500® gun oil lube provides long-lasting lubrication and anti-corrosion protection, works dependably in all climates, in temperatures ranging from – 85 F to + 450 F, in corrosive, salt-water environments and in desert sand and dust conditions. All-synthetic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and environmentally safe. Generally harmless to wood, rubber, plastic or composite parts.”

Okay, there you have the marketing-speak.  So, how does it really perform?  Overall, I give the combined kit high marks.  The cleaner does an excellent job, although it does have a slight odor.  So, I do not use it when my wife is inside.  I’ve had pretty good results from both shotgun and revolver cleaning after heavy use.

The best product of the three, imho, is the grease.  It’s excellent for the grease points in the lower of my Sig 716.  The oil is adequate, but I get much better results from Rand CLP.  In fact, Rand compares pretty darn favorably to the NRA kit, so I use the NRA cleaner when I can, finish off with Rand and use Rand regularly for lube work (except for applications requiring a grease).  The kit is a cost-effective starting point for trying out three of the Mil-Comm products.  Like me, you may ultimately combine one or two into your complete maintenance regimen.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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