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I received a package of the 10mm and 12 ga bore tips and gun tips at the NRA show in May.  Since then, I’ve used them in several cleanings of my Glock 20 and Mossberg 500.  This post provides an overview of my experience with these products.


Bore-tips employ a rugged, foam tip that essentially combine a patch and a jag into a single product that provides better overall contact than conventional cleaning solutions.  They are washable and reusable.  The Gun-tips use the same foam tip in a variety of inventive shapes that I’ve personally found to be invaluable in cleaning firearm components not easily managed with Q-tips (even the pointed ones).

Here is a quick ‘how to’ video from Bore Tips.

The tips fit onto any standard cleaning rod.  You may wish to use a nylon brush or bore snake for the first pass through the bore, then use Bore-tips for the final work.  Engagement with the lands and grooves of the rifling seem to be better with Bore-tips than with  patches and you do not have to deal with bits of thread separating from a patch.  For a very deep cleaning, however, I tend to run one final patch on top of the Bore-tip as the very last pass.

I’ve performed three shotgun cleanings and five cleanings with the G20.  I’m still using the same product provided to me at NRA.  I wash them with water and mild soap.  If there is any presence of fouling left over after I pat the tip dry with a paper towel, then I spray it lightly with NRA MC 25 and let it sit for a while.  Another washing usually does the job.  I can easily see getting ten or more uses from a single package, especially since I clean after avery shooting session.

I have not seen this product at any of the Texas Gun Shows, however, it is at Cabelas and Bass Pro.  I’ve only checked two local Academy Sports stores and those are a no-go.

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– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas