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I had the privilege of covering the Diva Women Outdoors Worldwide 4th annual AR-15 clinic earlier this month, so it was a real honor to be invited back to cover another Diva event.

The Fall Shooting and Outdoor Clinic is a ladies-only event that introduces women to a broad scope of outdoor and shooting sports activities.  The event catered to women of all experience levels and a show of hands before activities began indicated that approximately 20 attendees had never previously shot any type of firearm.

The event took place at the Elm Fork complex in Dallas on Saturday, Sept. 28 from 8AM to 4PM.  Check-in and registration was at the main tent, where the ladies received their schedules and were given a brief safety introduction.  Several vendors were present, so there were ample shopping opportunities throughout the day.


Ten stations were setup across the expanse of the Elm Fork complex.  Carts were provided to shuttle people around and I suspect that the drivers were the most appreciated volunteers of the day.  The Range Officers did a good job of keeping each firearm-relatied station moving smoothly and providing instruction when necessary.

Attendees were allowed to select six of the ten available classes before the event.  Each station ran for an allotted time and then ladies were vectored to the next station on their list.  Just like the AR clinic, this one seemed to move quite smoothly for such a large operation that was spread out over an even larger space.

The list of available classes was:

1 – Spin Casting
2 – Fly Casting (there is a lot of technique involved in this and I enjoyed watching the instruction)
3 – Hunting Dogs 101 (learn how to assert yourself in the pack and control/direct a retriever)
4 – Slingshots (there is more technique involved in this than I had been led to believe)
5 – Clay shooting (20 ga, three stations, lots of smiles here)
6 – BB Guns (lever-action rifles and pistols, arcade-style targets)
7 – Modern black powder muzzle loader (this was seriously cool)
8 – .22LR Rifles
9 – .22LR AR-15 (the good folks from DPMS were back again supporting the Divas)
10 – .22LR pistols

I thought the event was well-attended despite the threat of rain all day.  It was mostly cloudy throughout the day and a bit on the humid side.  The rain did come through around 2PM, but I had to leave right after lunch to cover the grand opening of Patriot Protection in Plano.  So, I don’t know what affect the rain had on the event other than a short suspension of a few activities.

On the subject of lunch, the catering was once again excellent.  If you like your food rich and flavorful with a touch of spicy, then lunch was right down your proverbial alley.

As with the prior event, there was a raffle for all sorts of cool stuff, mostly donated by the generous collection of sponsors.  T-shirts and other gear were on sale throughout the day.

Diva clinics are a fantastic entree into a variety of outdoor activities.  You would have to part with some serious coinage to try out fly fishing by taking lessons and renting equipment.  Renting a .22LR AR-15 is certainly not free, just to decide whether or not you like it.  At a Diva event, a small cash outlay opens up a wide span of activities to sample.

And sample they did.  Women left that event with the ability to fly cast, properly shoot a slingshot, and load/fire a .50 cal modern muzzle loader. Women who never shot clays before were blowing them out of the sky.  Ladies who never touched a rifle in the past were shooting out black circles with the .22 rifles.  I saw Ghost Targets disappearing in a puff of smoke from .22 AR-15 fire.  And, there were lots of happy faces behind the red line 🙂

If you or the special lady in your life are even modestly interested in shooting sports or the outdoors, then I’d highly recommend the Diva clinics.  And, I put my money where my recommendation is.  I purchased a one-year Diva membership for my wife at this clinic.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a run-down of each of the classes along with sample photos and a link to the full photo collection on Flickr.  Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas