Diva Wow AR-15 Clinic Review Part I

Posted: September 16, 2013 in General, Shooting
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This is the first post in a two-part review of the Diva WOW (Women Outdoors Worldwide) 4th annual AR-15 clinic held on Sept. 14 2013. The event was held at the Quail Creek shooting range near I-35W and FM 1171. The adjacent facility, Pro Active Defense, was also used to host multiple stages of the event.

I’ve shot at Quail Creek before and it’s a very nice facility. The layout, availability of land, and additional parking within walking distance make it a good location for such a large event. The weather was cooperative with a decent breeze all day, not even a hint of rain, and bearable humidity.

The well-organized event ran from 8AM to 3PM. A large tent was setup at right side of the main entry where attendees signed in and received their gift bags.  Approximately 80 women attended the clinic.


Several vendors offered everything from t-shirts to targets to purses to jewelry to Diva-themed gear.

DPMS was the premier sponsor and they provided the bulk of the firearms for the event as well as an AR-10 for  raffle.


First-tiime and experienced shooters were equally welcome and there were a wide variety of shooting opportunities for participants of all skill levels and experience.  Although advertised as an AR-15 clinic, participants could shoot .22LR pistols and 20 ga. shotguns if desired.

Ladies were divided into groups and each group progressed through four of the five available stations.

– Advanced level, AR-15 Defensive Shooting
– .223 Long-Range shooting
– 3-gun demonstration (.22LR AR-15, .22LR pistol, 20ga shotgun)
– Maintaining your AR-15 (sponsored by OTIS)
– Fun Shoot (moving targets and arcade-style shooting, all .22LR AR-15’s and semi-auto pistols)

Advanced shooters and prior Diva clinic attendees could choose either the defensive-shooting or arcade session. Each session began at a prescribed time and station managers all had lists of which group of women was scheduled for each session. I was very impressed with how smoothly the morning sessions moved.

Quail Creek and ProActive Defense provided 4-wheel vehicles to move people up and down the hill as most of the stations were located on the ProActive Defense property.

Although DPMS supplied most of the AR’s, Tactiko Arms (Sherman, TX) brought a couple models to the event, and I saw a few M&P 15-22’s.  Handguns included a Ruger .22LR and a few M&P 22’s.  MGM Targets and Ghost Targets provided targets for long-range and arcade sessions.

The 3-gun demonstration was particularly interesting.  After it concluded, women could stand in line to shoot each of the three guns.  A lot of them headed straight for the shotgun line!

After warming up with a .22LR AR, I saw lots of women hit targets at 100 yards with .223’s.  There were some very good shooters at this event and I was impressed with how quickly so many attendees with very little prior firearms instructions advanced to shooting both pistol and rifle effectively.  The RSO’s deserve some major props both for quality instruction and keeping each station moving smoothly and safely.  With such a large quantity of bulk .22LR, malfunctions were inevitable, so the attendees received valuable instruction on how to clear malfunctions in both semi-auto pistols and rifles.

I talked with several women throughout the event, all of whom spoke very highly of the experience, especially those who never previously fired an AR-15.

Lunch was provided and afternoon refreshments including wine and beer were served before the big raffle of a DPMS AR-10.

Overall, this was a very high-quality clinic, but don’t fret if you missed it.  You will get another opportunity for a Diva clinic at the end of September.  Allergies permitting, I hope to cover that one as well.

In part II of the event, I’ll present a small photo tour and a link to the complete picture tour on Flickr.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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