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This is the first post in a two-part review of the Market Hall Gun Show sponsored by Dallas Arms Collectors Association on September 21, 2013.  In my prior review of this show, I noted the downward trend in traffic levels, so I wanted to give the show one more try before placing it on a once- or twice-a-year rotation.  I arrived at 8:40AM to see the shortest-ever line at the main entrance, which was interesting in light of the increased  advertising for this show.


I planned on giving blood before the show, so I headed over to the bus and did not make it onto the floor until about 9:20 AM.  The traffic flow was steady, but rather underwhelming for a Saturday. I noticed major areas of the secondary hall (with the eating area) that were filled with vendor tables last show and empty at this show.

There was massive blank space inside a single row of tables that spread around in a rectangular formation with a variety of interesting firearms from historic Rugers to the Hardware of the Old West collection.  I enjoyed checking out the Gattling gun as well as a machine gun display that included a Browning T25 E3 .50, an M1919 A4, Bren light machine gun, an M60, and a Vickers MG.

After drooling for a while, I proceeded with the vendor list.  I felt okay for a couple hours until I sat down to eat. Then, the blood rushed to my stomach and I felt really light-headed.  So, I had to lie down for about 20 minutes.  The rest of the day was a bit on the tough side.  I worked the floor for an hour or so, then ate a protein bar and rested for a while.  Although I was at the show for seven hours, I did not obtain as thorough a review as I wanted for that time frame.

Here is the vendor list by category.  In cases where a vendor might easily fit into multiple categories, I tried to list them in the most relevant group.  I only record named businesses, not individuals or private sales.


GS Guns
Chef’s .45 Ranch Armory
Classic Colt Firearms
Frontier Classics
Winchester Gallery, Inc.
Talion LLC
Shotgun Blasters
Open All Season
Stone Chimney Creek
G&A Arms
Rockwall Gun Club
Go To War Guns
K.K. Sales
Zombie Gun & Supply
Blake Arms Co.
Premier Armory
Unique Guns
Front Sight Firearms
Dallas Pawn & Jewelry
CJS Enterprises
S.W.A.T. Firearms
Military Gun Supply
Bushmaster Firearms & Ammo
Love’s Guns
Ft. Worth Shooter’s Supply
Third Coast Armory
The Sig Armorer
Grave’s Guns
DFW Arms
C&S Firearms
The Gun Zone
Bad Ass Shotguns
W Guns
Clifford Hopkins Sales
Bachman Wholesale
Armadillo Guns
Valley Ordinance Works
A2J2 Sales
Dallas Subguns
Grumpy’s Guns


Good To Go Ammo
AMMO (red sign)
Dallas Reloading Service
Master Class Bullets
Texas Wheeler
Alamo Ammo
Southwest Ammunition
Ammo 4U
Ammo Kan

Holsters/Concealment Gear

Moonstruck Leather
Rogue Holster
Tactical Innovations Engineering
Damsel In Defense
Supreme Western Products
WRB Concealment
Pistol Princess
Damsels in Defense
Hazmat Holster Works
El Paso Saddlery
Femme Fatale
G’s Holsters
Ultimate Concealed Carry
Shepherd Leather
Louis W. Bell Custom Leather
The Concealment Shop
Diva Sleeve
Osborne Holsters
Shoulder Holsters


Avenger Tactical
RTAC Accessories
RangeReady Ammo
Death Dealer Tactical
Blade Runner Tactical

Optics/Fiream-specific accessories

Infinite Product Solutions
Defensive Operator’s Grip, LLC
AUX Arc Mfg.
Starlight Outdoors
Lone Star Tactical Solutions
Just For Guns
J&J Shotgun Barrels
CMC Triggers
The Optics Place
Explore Optics
Prestige Optics
Big State Distributors
Model 1 Sales
Duval Arms (suppressors)
High Figure Grips
Gun Toyz
Rock River Arms
Crimson Trace Laser Grips
Clips, Grips, Etc.
Firearm Accessory Warehouse


Gun Permits Made Easy
Edward R. Benyon
Texas Defensive Shooting Academy
Patriot Protection
Bayani Warrior/Edged Weapons Survival Education
Critical Defense Group
Tac Pro Shooting Center
C-3 Tactical Training
ITUS Tactical
Hassle Free CHL


Wayne Johnson Custom Knives
Robert Lyons Custom Knives
Hollet Custom Knives
Mark Green Custom Made Knives
5-Coat Custom Knives
R&R Outfitters
Sam Houston Ventures
ANZA Knives
R&B Sharpist
Kodiak Survival Gear
Dawson Knives
Don Palmtree Knives
Sooner State Knives
Blades and Stuff
Ashby Custom Knives
Flitz Knife Sharpening

Prepping/Less Lethal

Hunker Down
Preparadness Essentials
Kodiak Survival Gear
Denise and Jon Parsons (Thrive)
Match Co.
Noah’s Pantry
Zax Gear
Patriot Safety Solutions
Smoke and Fire Defense
Lone Star Knife Maker Supply
South Summit Adventure Outpost
Outback Firestarter


Z.A.N.T (Zombie Apocalypse Neutralization Team)
WallyWaldo Workwear
KD Lighting Solutions
DoubleTap Tees
Cold Dead Hands
Paradise Antique Currency
Cotton Flag Guy
Camping Maxx
Wholesale Deals
Rex Bridges (hunting/fishing guide)
National Slingshot Corportation
Jones Southern Oklahoma Hunts
Sheep Dog Market
Gun Show Tees
Power Core
The Green Screen
George’s Guide Service
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Heritage Safes
Mars Hall Masonic Lodge
Caddo Lodge
Texas Law Shield
H2 Targets
Right Solutions Store
Safari Charlie
Girls and Guns Calendar
The Joint Chiropractic
Camo Couture
Gun Smith Accessories
Winchester Safes
Spar Kleen
Marine Corps. League
Texas Border Volunteers
Sam P. Cochran Lodge
Highland Park Lodge
Remington Society of America
Security Products
The Safe Guys
Insta Mold (hearing protection)
A1 Locksmith
Bore Stores
Antique Bowie Knife Association
Texas Parks and Wildlife
No Rust Bags
Custom Molded Earplugs
National Association for Gun Rights
Caroll Concealed
The Jerky Hut
North Texas Hydrographics
Red Dragon
German War Relics
Effective Product Marketing
Sweetshooter CLP
Ken’s Engraving
Texas Gun Collector’s Association
T.R. Graham (The GLOCKSmith)
Polymer Grip Profiling
Lone Star Technical Services
Dana Dickinson Jewelry
Texas Gourmet Beefsticks
Willie’s Homemade Salsa
Totally Nuts
Don’s Smokehouse
Grace Adele purses
Preservation of Wealth
Outdoor Products
Fried Pie Lady
Grill Mat

Traffic was steady through the day, yet even at its peak it still reminded me more of a Sunday from past shows.  I noticed a lot of lookers during the morning and more actual buying during the afternoon.  Several vendors that seemed to attract a lot of attention (but no one filling out 4473’s) in the morning got what they wanted in the afternoon.  Tommy from W Guns, for example, seemed to have a very good show.

I did a little buying (ammo and some goodies for the bug-out bag), and spent quite a bit of time talking with vendors since traffic was light.  I suppose I’ll close this part of the review with something different.  I will rank what I considered to be the top three vendors of the show.  This ranking is mostly for fun and purely based on personal opinion and interests.

No. 3 – Z.A.N.T  – Now, how can you not like a company with the name Zombie Apocalypse Neutralization Team?  Nice gear selection, awesome T-shirts, and the coolest product on the floor – the ‘In Case Of Zombies, Break Glass’ display pieces.  These are airsoft guns modified to look more real placed inside glass cases.

No. 2 – Valley Ordinance Works – Table after table of .50 BMG’s.  OMG.  Average selling price was three large.

No. 1 – I believe that seven-year old Gracee Deehan takes the title of youngest gun show entrepreneur in the business.  She setup a small table beside her parents at KD Lighting to sell paracord bracelets that she personally wrapped (perhaps with the help of her parents, but it was a quality product).  She sold two models, one for a dollar and a larger one for two bucks.  Both my wife and I were customers.  Later in the day, her parents set her up with some keychain lights to add to the inventory.  Gracee was very composed and has a natural talent for customer interaction and sales.  I can see a very bright future ahead for her!

Tomorrow, I’ll cover some firearm prices.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas