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A lot of people ask me what I carry in my .45’s.  My two ‘go-to’ factory loads are 185gr. +p ASYM and 220 gr. +p Hornady Critical Duty (Critical Defense in the XD-S .45).  I often get a puzzled look upon mentioning ASYM.  1911 shooters may recognize the name Stan Chen for his custom pistols, but Mr. Chen is also in the custom ammunition business.

The ASYM precision loads of the Barnes-X bullet (advertised by ASYM as the SDX) are the best factory load I’ve ever shot in both 9mm and .45.  I’m a tennis player, so feel is extremely important to me in both a racquet and string combo as well as shooting.  The feel of the ASYM ammo is extraordinary; in fact, the first two words that come to mind after a session with this ammo are quality and consistency.

Here is a box next to my FNX-45 Tactical.  You can’t help but be impressed by the quality and attention to detail in the packaging.  That alone gives you some clue as to the quality of what is inside the box.


The ammo does not disappoint.  It feeds and shoot like a dream in both my combat and deep-conceal .45’s.  I have not yet chronographed this ammo, but a recent post on the ASYM Facebook page by Julie Golaski showed a 3-shot standard deviation from the .308 168 gr. (fired from an M&P 10) of 9fps.  I would not be surprised to see comparable results from the .45 loads out of my FNX .45 Tactical.

Here are some other well-known shooters that have chosen ASYM.

Wes Grant, MSTN
Kyle Lamb, Viking Tactics
Rob Garrett, Writer Extraordinaire
Julie Golob, Professional Shooter
Jason Burton, Heirloom Precision
John Ralston, 5 Shot Leather
Patrick Sweeney, GunWriter
Chuck Anderson, Professional Shooter

You can find out more at the Asym Precision Ammo web site.  Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas