Diva WOW Fall Shooting and Outdoors Clinic Part 2

Posted: October 1, 2013 in General, Shooting
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This is the final post in a two-part review of the Diva Women Outdoors Worldwide Fall Shooting and Outdoors Clinic on Sept. 28, 2013.  In the first part of the review, I provided a broad overview of the event and the ten classes from which six could be chosen by each attendee.

I’ll provide a bit more detail on each class in this post.

Spin Casting


The presence of a small creek near the main tent provided a perfect setting to learn the basics of lures, how to select a good fishing spot, and proper casting techniques.

Fly Casting


A lot of women chose this class.  The instructor really seemed top-notch.  Topics included how to select flies based on the type of fish, fly tying, and lots of work on casting.  The biggest issue seems to be ‘slapping’ the water.  The idea is to gently drop the fly onto the water in the desired spot, just as if it fell off a tree or bush.  Definitely not as easy as it may look.

Hunting Dogs 101


There is a lot more to working with a retriever in the field than just pointing at a downed fowl and saying ‘go fetch.’  This class taught how to insert yourself into the pack and establish yourself in the hierarchy before working with the dog.  The various verbal and hand commands to direct the dog were discussed in detail.  A practice target was shot into the field and attendees were given the opportunity to direct the dog to retrieve the target and bring it back to them.



This one caught me by surprise.  What can possibly be involved in shooting a slingshot?  We guys have been doing it since we were about four years old, right?  Well, if you’re like me, it was a case of doing it all wrong (and I’m not talking about the time I shot the windshield out of my Dad’s car).  There is a lot of subtle technique involved and I thought the paintball ammo was a cool touch.

Clay Shooting


Several women went into this class with little or no shotgun experience and several seemed intimidated with the shotgun at first.  Yeah, that lasted for about two shots until the first clay was blown out of the air.  Then, it was hard to get anyone to step way from the shooting area.

Again, it’s not as easy as it may appear and the range officers did a great job at providing instruction.

I would have loved to take a few shots at those clays with my 10mm 🙂

BB Guns


This was a great class for anyone intimidated by firearms or anyone wanting a chance at a state fair type of game that was not stacked against them 🙂

Both lever-action rifles and pistols were available.  Instructors were available to discuss proper stance and grip, sight pictures, and shooting technique.  A variety of arcade-style targets were available.


Yeah, I would have really enjoyed blowing several of them away with Mr. 10-mil (insert evil laugh here).

Black Powder Rifles


This was a very cool class.  The instructor showed each person how to properly load the rifle.  Then, each attendee took their first shot with a .50 cal muzzle loader.  Lots of smoke, noise, and fun!   Next, the women got a chance to completely load and fire on their own.

.22LR Rifles


This class was another good one for first-time shooters.  The range officers loaded each rifle and ladies shot from a rest in a seated position.  This made it very easy to concentrate on the basics of hold, sight picture, and trigger squeeze.

.22LR AR-15


I think this was one of the most popular sessions, even among first-time shooters.  Once they obtained some familiarity with shooting basics on other platforms, everyone wanted to give the .22 AR a try.  DPMS was glad to oblige.

.22LR pistols (photo)


Women are naturally good shots and I think this class proved the point.  A variety of .22LR pistols were available for shooting and it really did not matter which one was used.  I saw a lot of holes in the general center of the target area.

If you want to see more, then you may check out the photo collection on Flickr.  As I mentioned yesterday, I had to leave right after lunch to cover another event, so there are not as many photos as I would have liked.  I also had to battle poor lightning from the low clouds, so each picture was cropped and retouched.

Thanks again for visiting Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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