Patriot Protection Grand Opening Part I

Posted: October 2, 2013 in General, Shooting
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I like one-liners from movies.  My favorite line from the Bruce Lee flick, ‘Enter The Dragon’ is ‘Boards don’t hit back.’  A modern analogy to the realities of force-on-force confrontations is that ‘Targets don’t shoot back.’  Force-on-target training in an outdoor environment is useful for learning to draw-and-shoot, shoot-on-the-move, and shoot-around-barriers, but it does not subject the student to the reality that targets are always on the move  and they often shoot back.

Now, I like paintball as much as the next person and it does indeed introduce an element of dealing with force-on-force confrontation in which the opposition does shoot back.  However, this experience is intended mostly for entertainment and the most common shooting technique is spray-and-pray.  When was the last time you saw a paintball participant move around a tree (slice the pie) with a 9mm Glock, acquire a sight picture, then fire a controlled pair into an opponent while worrying about his six-o’clock?  Ever see a paintballer have to transition from a two-handed to single-hand hold?  Have to shoot offhand?  Now, I’m not trying to diss paintball; I’m simply pointing out the difference between fun and real-life tactical training.

Time for another movie line, this time from the A-Team, “Okay, paintballers, time to go pro.”  Well, Patriot Protection is just what the Dallas area needs to go pro.  I met with them at the recent Market Hall show and was impressed with the idea behind the company.  Patriot held their grand opening on Sept. 28 and that event was part of my Saturday double-header.  I was fortunate to arrive about 20 minutes before their first demonstration, so I received a very good overview of the company in just over an hour on-site.


Now, it may not look like much from this angle, but you enter to a generous lobby and seating area (with a windows to view one of the main training areas).  They have a check-in area and a large training room for all varieties of classes, but the star of the show is the shoot house.


Patriot Protection offers force-on-target and force-on-force training with simunition.  They utilize popular firearms such as Glocks that have been converted to fire UTM Man-Marker Rounds.  Typical velocity of a 9mm marker round is 400 fps and the marker records impacts on soft surfaces and even glancing blows.  Even with protective gear, you clearly know when you have been hit.

pp-10The marker rounds are designed to properly cycle the slide and feed just like normal ammo.  They are propelled by a dual-primer system, so there is a ‘bang’ and a small recoil impulse from the firearm.  This is about as close as you can get to firing real ammo from a real firearm, but in a safe and controlled environment.

Training is available with both popular pistol and rifle calibers and Patriot Protection provides services to both law enforcement and civilian customers.

All windows surrounding the shoot house area are blacked out so that it is impossible to see inside.  This also allows Patriot to control lighting in the environment to simulate all varieties of lighting conditions from very bright to low- or no-light.  Cameras are setup at strategic points throughout the shoot house and an entire training session can be recorded to DVD.  This service is currently offered only to LE clients.

I had the opportunity to observe an introductory shooting session.  The instructor was top-notch and his background included ex-military and ex-SWAT.  Safety procedures observed during the demonstration were also very high-calibre.  The Patriot Protection training area is controlled access and the company is very strict about maintaining a sterile environment.  Everyone passes through a metal detector, then undergoes a visual inspection and wanding.  This goes for all instructors as well, who take turns wanding and inspecting each other.  This is required for the high-stress environment in which people have a tendency to fall back to any number of options in a force continuum.  So, no sprays, knives, striking instruments, etc. are allowed in the training area.  You are allowed to enter with pretty much the clothes you are wearing and that’s it.  All other items must be checked and stored.

Overall, I was very impressed with what I observed in just an hour on-site.  I’d be very interested later this year in taking their force-on-force training.  In the mean time, I’ll be back tomorrow with a visual tour of a training session and a link to the photo collection on Flickr.  If you wish to contact Patriot, you can visit them on the web or email Tim Dodd at tdodd [at] patriotprotection [dot] net.

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