Gander Mountain Lewisville Grand Opening

Posted: October 7, 2013 in General, Shooting

Gander Mountain in Lewisville held their Grand Opening celebration Oct. 4-6.  Although I had visited Gander several times since the soft opening, I decided to check out the Grand Opening on Friday.  It seemed to be well attended with well over a hundred people in line by 8:50 AM.


I made a rough guess of about 130 people in line by opening.  The line stretched well behind the entrance to Target.


Gander passed out $10 gift cards to the first hundred people in line each of the three days.  With the listed prices, you’re going to need that gift card 🙂  I checked out the ammo selections a few days earlier and they were already out of a lot of .308 (which is what I would have been looking for).  Prices on Friday were the same as a few days earlier.

Just before opening, someone announced that the .22LR shipment would not arrive until 10:30.  This provoked a lot of commentary as most people seemed to be there to pick up ammo.  Gander broke ammo purchasers into a separate line.


Sorry for the lousy cell-phone photo.  The line extended from the entrance to the ammo area back around nearly to the front of the store.  After picking up a green bag and some swag for my wife, I purchased a shooting rest that seemed adequately priced (one of the few things priced the same as Academy across the street).

Pistol calibers seemed to be well stocked.  I noticed one person walk out with about half a dozen boxes of 9mm WWB and there were lots of ammo cans on display in 9mm through .45.  I didn’t have time to check out the selection of .223 and really did not want to stand in the line just to find out.

A small number of items were on sale for the Grand Opening (M&P Shields advertised for $499 at the firearms counter), but most items in the store remained priced the same as when I first walked in the store.  The mag selection was okay – they want $40 for all Glock mags.  Same for holsters – better selection but most prices higher than even Academy just across the street.

Gander was really pushing their credit card and purchase protection plans hard.  I simply said no thanks and walked out with my purchase and free t-shirt.

Overall, a very nice store with very helpful people (that really want to sell you a Gander credit card and purchase protection plan).  I still can’t afford to shop there until I locate the magic money tree.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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