Glock 20 Gen-4 Mods Part II

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Product Reviews
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This is a quick update on the second round of modifications to my Gen-4 Glock 20.  Previously, I focused on the two best-known Glock shortcomings – the sights and trigger. Since I intended this firearm to take on more of an outdoor/hiking/long road trip (and possibly handgun hunting) defensive role, I chose the thin Dawson Precision front sight that favors quick target acquisition over pinpoint accuracy.

The main modification in this round was the barrel.  I have nothing against the stock, Glock barrel, but I did want an extended, threaded barrel that could be used for handgun hunting.  The ability to shoot hardcast rounds  more accurately and possibly screw on a can are big features.  If I pick up any other advantages from the barrel, then it’s icing on the proverbial cake.

I asked both T.R. Graham and Mike Caylor of Caylor Customs (who did the mods) what aftermarket barrel they would choose for a Glock and the first words out of both their mouths were Barsto.  So, I ordered a Barsto extended, threaded barrel for the G20.

Barsto advertises 8-10 weeks for delivery.  It took thirteen weeks to arrive.  Then, after a month of waiting for my turn at the gunsmith (after leaving the firearm with them), I went through another month or so of setbacks and waiting for the proper .40 chamber reamer to arrive (theirs needed to be replaced) before the barrel could be fit.  So, I was without my pistol for 2 1/2 months.  Ugh.

The barrel extends 7/8″ and increases the overall length to nearly 9″ (although that’s a bit difficult to see from this sucky camera photo).  Total barrel length is barely under 5.5″.


Caylor Customs also crowned the barrel and put some serious love into the feed ramp.g20-2


It’s a bit difficult to see, but they modified the extractor claw and the ejector.  I’ve watched the RSO’s at Eagle Gun Range shoot several rounds and it really throws brass way up and to the right.  I often have to pick up my brass well behind the person at the station to my right. Definitely no BTF issues 🙂


They also filled the opening the the back of the grip.  This is helpful since I often kick up dust and debris when hiking.  Unlikely to ever cause a problem, but there is that law named after someone called Murphy (and it was an inexpensive mod).


I’ve shot a mix of 155gr Barnes-X, 180gr FMJ from AmmoKan and Good To Go Ammo, and some 200gr PMC FMJ since receiving the gun back from Caylor Customs.  The feel of the barrel is superb and there have been zero issues in over 200 rounds since the mods.

Accuracy?  That seems to be the thing with aftermarket barrels.  Hickock45 showed that that is a definite accuracy improvement when shooting hardcast rounds and I’ll take that for handgun hunting.  Both T.R. Graham and Mike Caylor stated that there is a tendency for stock Glocks to shoot left.  Generally, when I shoot left, it’s a tendency to put too much right hand into the trigger squeeze (a downside of being a tennis player).  So, I’ll put those shots on me and not the barrel.  I have not seen this tendency illustrated via actual experiment or quantified as to how much further left the stock barrel shoots at any distance.

I just purchased a stand, so one day I may try to determine whether there is an intrinsic accuracy improvement in the Barsto for non-hardcast rounds.  I do love the feel of the gun and that counts for a lot.  I’ll focus more on my shooting technique for basic accuracy improvements in the mean time.

I had not shot the gun for nearly three months before taking it to Eagle Gun Range for 100-round session.  It took me a bit of time to get used to the trigger again.  I shot 50 rounds from 10 yards in strings of 3 or 5, alternating between right-hand and two-hand holds, all unsupported.

I tend to push a bit when shooting single-handed, so two clusters were developing on the target after the first 50 rounds.  For the final 50, I moved the target to 12 yards and shot controlled pairs at each cluster, all two-handed.  I did let the RSO have two shots and he took the eyes out of the Zombie Alien.  It’s nice to have such capable backup readily available for the Zombie Apocalypse 🙂


The inner ring is 5 1/4 x 4 3/4 ” and the equipment is clearly more accurate than I am.  The biggest challenge since being without the gun for so long has been getting used to the trigger after shooting my FNX 45 Tactical (review coming soon) for so long 🙂

With the extended barrel, the G20 now fits perfectly in my Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal 3 holster without having to mod the holster.  I have another option (review coming soon as well) for carry in the 11 o-clock position for hiking or long road trips that allows the gun to carry comfortably underneath my hiking vest (and in between backpack straps).

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