Product Review: Rand CLP Part II

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Product Reviews
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My practice session on Tuesday brought the round count on my Gen-4 Glock 20 to just over 1100, and barely over 400 of those have been with the new Barsto barrel.  I used Breakfree CLP for the first couple hundred rounds and then RAND CLP thereafter.

I’ve always thought that Glocks were pretty easy to clean, but since using Rand it has become painfully easy.  Less and less fouling seems to be present on the pistol components and the barrel seems to clean easier after every session.

While the product clearly excels as a lube, I’m surprised how well it works as a cleaner.  I can soak a barrel in Ballistol, then run patches through until they come out clean.  Then, I place about eight drops of Rand on a patch in a circular pattern around the center of the patch.  Run it through very slowly and it never fails to bring out more fouling.

Now, baked-on grime is another issue.  I shot about 70 rounds through my Ruger SRH on Tuesday and did not make it home to clean the weapon until about three hours after the session.  The front of the cylinder was filthy with thick, dark fouling.  I typically use something more heavy-duty with a wire brush as a first pass followed by another application with Rand and a brush in a second pass to get that off.

Here are some pictures of the Glock at 1100 rounds.



The marks on the slide came within the first hundred rounds when I was using BreakFree CLP.


Sometimes, I really hate cell phone photos, even from high-end phones.  It’s hard to tell, but although there are witness marks on the barrel, the amount of apparent wear is less than when I had a KKM drop-in on my G31 at approximately the same round count.

Slide movement is very smooth compared to the BreakFree and I also noticed this on my FNX 45 Tactical and XD-S .45.  The big item for me at this point in time is that the amount of time required to get the pistol in a very clean condition after each session is constantly going down.

So, I’m still pretty impressed with the Rand product.  I do need to give FireClean an evaluation, but Rand has set a pretty high bar.

You can read part I of the rand clp review here.  Thanks for visiting Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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