Big Town Gun Show October 19, 2013

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This is a very informal commentary on the Big Town Gun Show on October 19, 2013.  Because of family commitments, I only had 3-4 hours of time to invest in the show and that had to include my own purchases and three vendor interviews.  Unfortunately, there was not sufficient time to properly collect firearm prices.  That will have to wait until my next show, which is tentatively scheduled to be Ft. Worth on Nov. 2.

I arrived at Big Town at 8:45 AM to a pretty empty parking

and a pretty average line.


The line was notably shorter at opening than my prior attendance at Big Town.  Of course, it was in the low 40’s outside with a breeze and you can see that everyone has to stand in the shade to wait for opening.  I suspected that a lot of people decided to wait until after opening to arrive to avoid the cold.  It’s pretty evident that the panic we saw earlier in the year is over and opening crowds are returning to levels more in line with the local weather.

There was a vendor serving coffee and hot food out front – really good choice for the weather.

The first thing I noticed on entry was that the division between the gun show and permanent event center vendors was gone.  A few of those vendors were still present, but most of that area to the left of entry was filled with firearm-related vendors.  That’s what I like to see!

The low traffic level at opening served me well since it gave me time to talk in detail with some of the new vendors and scour the floor for Glock 20 mags (no luck).  I’m also in the market for a full-size .45, something in between my XDS-45 and FNX 45 Tactical with RMR.  I saw a few good candidates, including the relatively new Sig P227.

I picked up some 10mm ammo from Good To Go Ammo, then proceeded with my vendor interviews.  After that, I completed the sweep of the floor to write down vendors in attendance.  I talked with several vendors who noted that most of the early morning traffic was ‘look but not buy.’  Traffic flow was pretty steady during the morning and there was a constant stream of people entering the show.  As expected, things picked up as the temperature improved.

After looking around and some research (including a phone call to Robert Burke – The Sig Armorer), I left with a Sig P227.  Republic Arsenal gave me a great deal on the firearm.  I’ll try to have a very early ‘first impressions’ review up later this week.

I left the show at 12:30 and there was still a trickle of people working their way into the show.  At this point, the parking lot was packed.

Sorry about not having firearm pricing updates for this show.  I did notice that prices on Glocks are holding steady at pretty much traditional levels (Gen-4 G30’s in the low to mid 500’s).  Here is the list of vendors (with business names) at the show, grouped by category.  Many vendors could fit in multiple categories, so I try to choose the category that seems most appropriate.


Quantico Tactical
Blake Arms Co.
Stone Chimney Creek
Bachman Wholesale
Eagle Gun Range
Rowland Firearms
W Guns
Gotta Have Guns
Blackland Outdoor Sports
Clifford Hopkins Sales
Talion LLC Firearms
Shotgun Blasters
Go To War Guns
A2J2 Sales
Republic Arsenal
A&R Guns and Ammo
Armadillo Guns
B&K Enterprises
Past and Blast
Zombie Gun and Supply
The Gun Zone
Premier Armory
Runner Runner Guns
Crazy Gun Dealer
F&W Guns


Southwest Ammunition
Prairie Land Ammo
Texas Wheeler Ammo
The Ammo Club
Good To Go Ammo
Alamo Ammo
Ammo 4U
Dallas Reloading Service
Superior Pawn and Gun

Holsters/Concealment Gear

Concealment Shop
Hide-It Holsters
Shepherd Leather
Gun Purses
Femme Fatale
Louis W. Bell Custom Leather
Tucker & Boyd Premium Leather Holsters
WRB Concealment
El Paso Saddlery


Death Dealer Tactical
Bull’s Eye Tactical Gear
Outdoor Products

Optics/Fiream-specific accessories

Buckey Scope Co.
Explore Optics
The Optics Place
Gun Toyz
Red Dragon
Pop’s Shop
Model 1 Sales
Outdoor Sales
Kenzie’s Optics
Big State Distributors
CMC Triggers
Extreme Tactical Sports
Rock River Arms
Big Dog Tactical Sales


Hassle Free CHL


Adventure Supply South
Wayne Johnson Custom Knives
Sam Houston Ventures
Blades and Stuff
H.J. Girouard Hand Crafted Knives

Prepping/Less Lethal/Survival

Patriot Survival School
South Summit Adventure Outpost
Smoke and Fire Defense
Gideon Personal Protection
Proxima Outdoor Supply
Family Defense Gear


American Eagle Targets
Right Solutions Store
James Ladd Burges Lodge
Military Souveniers
Don’s Smoke House
Houston Gun Collector’s Association
Crimson Trace Laser Grips
T.R. Graham
Custom Molded Ear Plugs
Savvy Caddy
Texas Law Shield
The Jerkey Hut
Bore Stores
H2 Targets
Camera Security Direct
Polymer Grip Profiling
Winchester Safes
Rapid Response Systems
Bar-M Western
Jones Souther Oklahoma Hunts
Heritage Safes


Okay, my top 3 for the show?  As before, this is kind of for fun and purely based on personal impression.

No 3 – Don’s Smokehouse – They actually had two locations across the floor.  This vendor saves me from sucky concessions practically every show.  The smoked turkey is to die for and the hot, spicy turkey is even better.

No. 2 – Shotgun Blasters – The most wicked, Zombie-blasting, tricked out, scare-the-pants-off-bad-guys shotguns in the industry keeps on growing.  Multiple tables at this show and business has grown to the point that Pat Harrington has to hire help.

No. 1 – Republic Arsenal – I’ve been doing business with RA since they appeared on the scene and remember the days of just two tables.  Now, ten+ is the norm and the new logo it outstanding.  So was the deal on my P227 – thanks, Oscar.

Well, that wraps it up for Big Town.  Once again, my apologies for an incomplete review.  I’ll try to do better at Ft. Worth.  Thanks for stopping by Texas Gun Show Review.

Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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