Vendor Profile: Taylor McCuistion, Gideon Personal Protection

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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Company: Gideon Personal Protection
Owner: Taylor P. McCuistion
Web Site:
Contact: service [at] gideonpersonalprotection [dot] com

taylor“For most companies, CEO means Chief Executive Officer. At Gideon, it stands for Chief Experience Officer. Customer Experience is everything.”

– Taylor McCuistion, Founder and Customer Experience Officer of Gideon Personal Protection.

Like a lot of people in this industry, I grew up shooting guns. Both my father and grandfather owned guns, so I was around firearms from a very early age. My dad took me out on my very first shooting expeditions with a BB gun. I shot that and small caliber rifles until I got older and went on hunting trips with my father.

I eventually became interested in handguns around the time I went to work for Eagle Gun Range. That led me to become certified as an NRA instructor.

I began looking for a means to make some additional money and it seemed like the market for less lethal personal defense was not only large, but it was a natural complement to firearms.

I wanted to provide a wide variety of personal protection gear for a general audience, so I began to search for a supplier. I eventually came across Streetwise, who impressed me with their statement of faith right on their web site. I started working exclusively with this vendor’s products, but eventually added other products to provide the full gamut of personal defense gear to customers. Today, people can turn to us for solid value on high quality stun guns, TASER, stun gun flashlights, stun batons, pepper spray, and more.

  1. kyle brown says:

    Excellent products andy I can tell they are very durable and will last many years to come!!! Thanks for flashlight stungun……its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!