Product Review: Smoke ‘Em Targets Part II

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Product Reviews, Shooting
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On October 8, I performed a pretty extensive stress test of the Smoke ‘Em targets with a combination of 10mm and .44 magnum handguns.  Although the session was enjoyable, I left the range with a feeling of defeat.  I really wanted to blow that target completely away and nearly two hundred rounds of high-end handgun ammo failed miserably.

On October 24, I returned to Fusion Tactical Range to zero the ACOG on my AR-10 (Sig 716 Patrol).  That target was still standing despite more people pumping rounds into it and 24×7 exposure to rain and sun.  In fact, while I posted the paper target for my AR session, I could not help but feel that the Smoke ‘Em target was laughing at me, practically taunting me, as if I were the subject of a Twilight Zone episode.

Here it is, standing tall in the shade, practically daring me to shoot it some more.


You can see that the rain washed off some of the powder burn from my .44 mag. point-blank blast.  Can’t you hear it snickering at me that I was unable to blow out all the smoke cylinders or knock it to the ground?

Evil target.

I ignored the taunt and set up a rifle stand at 100m and then took care of business.  After finishing an enjoyable set of 20 rounds of 168 gr., I noticed that the sun had fully illuminated the Smoke ‘Em target and I could clearly see it laughing at me from over a hundred yards away.

Evil target.

I happend to have 60 rounds of 150 gr. FMJ, so I loaded up a mag and decided to put the Smoke ‘Em target in its place.  I shot three strings of 20 rounds from distances of about 25 to 60 yards; about half were unsupported and the other were semi-supported.

That red target still smoked when hit.  Not once, but twice!  This after over two weeks of exposure to the elements, including several days of rain.  After a few more hits, the cylinder popped out.  Ha ha, not smiling now, are you?

Next, I went to work on the blue cylinder at the top-right.  That one was really stuck in place.  It only smoked once, and not very much.  As you can see, a lot of my unsupported shots were a bit low, but the cylinder took quite a few .308 hits and was still in place.


Eventually, I blew out the blue cylinder.


I even took a few shots at the remaining cylinder, but ran out of ammo.

Evil target.

Nearly 200 rounds of 10mm and .44 magnum, 60 rounds of .308 through my AR-10, and the target is still standing.  Still taunting me.  Still laughing at me as I drove away from the range in defeat.

I wish I had a Dillon Aero.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

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