Product Review: Shooting the Ruger Super Redhawk

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Product Reviews
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I’ve put several hundred rounds through my SRH, and I had a pretty long session yesterday afternoon, so I though this would be a good time to post a review.

It almost goes without saying that the revolver is rugged and well balanced. I found the double-action trigger pull to be acceptable right out of the box and it has become a little better with frequent firing.

Mine is the 7.5″ model, which helps quite a bit with overall balance. Perceived recoil is less noticeable than my other .44, the short-barrel Smith 629 (Performance Center model).

When I first began shooting the SRH, it had a tendency to shoot high and to the right. I kept thinking that I was at fault, but I let one of the RSO’s (who is a frequent revolver shooter) try it out and he shot high and right as well. We put the revolver on a stand and observed the same result. A minor sight adjustment took care of the issue.

On a personal basis, I always practice with DA pulls and tend to grip the trigger closer to the knuckle. Since I’m a tennis player, I have a bit of a subconscious tendency to treat the final part of the trigger pull as a volley motion and flex my wrist just slightly to the right, as if hitting a backhand volley. So, when I miss, the tendency is still a bit to the right.

The SRH requires a 6-o’clock sight picture and if I have not shot for a while, I tend to cover the POA with the sights, resulting in slightly high shots. These trends were both noticeable in yesterday’s practice session. I’m evaluating the FireClean CLP, so I really wanted to dirty up the revolver. The session was a total of 90 rounds (30 of which were Buffalo Bore hot .44 spc) from 9 yards. At 10-12 yards, the range lighting made it very hard to see the small ’10’ mark on the Zombie target. Nine yards seemed to be just right.



As you can see, the predominant misses are just to the right and slightly high.  So, the SRH does exactly what I expect it to do, it shoots precisely where I aim it at any distance I might practically employ the firearm.

The feel is exceptional and the Hogue grips help with soaking up magnum recoil.  Even after dozens and dozens of magnum rounds, I felt like I could keep on shooting.  Of course, I need to find the magic ammo tree first 🙂

In summary, the SRH is a superb revolver and it is capable of firing very hot ammo such as Garrett Hammerheads.  I think that will be the subject of my next post on the SRH.  Thanks for spending part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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