Ft. Worth Gun Show Nov. 2 2013 Part I

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Show Reviews

This is the first post in a two-part review of the Ft. Worth Gun Show on Nov. 2, 2013, sponsored by Premier Gun Shows.  I was interested in how many people would attend the show with several other events around the Metroplex competing for people’s time and money.  My question was answered shortly arriving at 9:02 AM (a traffic issue cost me about ten minutes, so I do not have good pictures of the opening line).


I’ve arrived at Ft. Worth before either right before or just after opening and was still glad to have my online ticket so that I could walk right into the show.  On Saturday, it did not matter.

I made several small purchases of ammo and supplies and then began my long sweeps across both halls.  This show was spread across two exhibit halls, which is always a nice bonus.  Traffic was light throughout the day and I heard grumblings all across the floor from vendors.

The good news is that it’s a great time to buy.  Prices seem to be holding steady and I saw some good deals on the tables.  Vendors are still dealing as well.  I overheard two firearm vendors basically tell customers, ‘make me an offer.’  Republic Arsenal offered free ammo to anyone purchasing a .22LR pistol or rifle.  Crazy Gun Dealer would not be outdone on promotion; they offered a free CHL course and a spin of the prize wheel for any firearm purchase.  They were looking to move AR’s as well; all AR purchases came with 3 free 30-round mags, 100 rnds. of ammo, and an ammo can.  They only had a few rifles left on the table when I finally walked by.

It took until 3PM for me to complete my review of the vendors followed by another sweep to collect AR prices (which will be posted tomorrow).  Here is the list of named vendors in attendance, listed by category.  Many vendors might fit in more than one category, so I tried to choose the category that best fit.


Rowland Firearms
Viking Armory
Independence Firearms
Eagle Gun Range
Zombie Gun and Supply
Right To Carry
Texas Shooter’s Supply
Go To War Guns
Stone Chimney Creek
Talion LLC
XTreme Tactical Sports
W Guns
BodyGuard Sports
Grumpy’s Guns
Past and Blast
Grave’s Guns
DFW Arms
The Shooting Gallery
Shoot Smart
Ellis County Firearms
Military Gun Supply
Premier Armory
Blackland Outdoor Sports
Unique Guns
Republic Arsenal
Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies
Shotgun Blasters
Crazy Gun Dealer
CJS Enterprises
C&S Firearms
Open All Season
Clifford Hopkins Sales
Bad Ass Shotguns
Bachman Wholesale
Clifford Hopkins Sales
The Gun Zone
Falcon Firearms
A2J2 Sales
Love’s Guns
F&W Guns
Spend It Now
Parkman Arms
A&A Arms
Horizon Firearms


Alamo Ammo
Dallas Reloading Service
The Gun Werks
Southwest Ammunition
Good To Go Ammo
Lone Star Ammunition
Prairie Land Ammo
Texas Wheeler Ammo
The Ammo Club
Ammo 4U

Holsters/Concealment Gear

Diva Sleeve
Gun SlingR
N82 Tactical
Gun Girdle
Safari Sporting Supply
Shoulder Holster
Tucker & Byrd Premium Gun Leather
Louis W. Bell Custom Leather
Shepherd Leather
Gun Purses
The Concealment Shop
WRB Concealment
Femme Fatale
Hide-It Holster
Drako’s Custom Leather
Cover Six Gear
Gold Star Holsters
Concealed Handgun Purses
Victory Holsters


Outdoor Products
Death Dealer Tactical
Red Dragon

Optics/Fiream-specific accessories

Lone Start Solutions
Bulls Eye Tactical Gear
The Optics Place
J&J Shotgun Barrels
Model 1 Sales
USA Optics
Crimson Trace Laser Grips
Explore Optics
T&G Sales
Blade Runner Tactical
Longhorn Armaments
Gun Toyz
Prestige Optics
Omega Gun Lock
SOG Armory
Big State Distributors
Rock River Arms
Duval Arms
Buckeye Scope Co.
DFW Tactical Gear
Tactical Innovations Engineering


Hassle Free CHL
Sure Strike Laser Training
Lone Star Protective Solutions
Safe Gun Academy
VX Marksmanship
Sheepdog Defense Group
Pro Active Defense
Defensive Solutions of Texas
Apex Firearm Training Center
Brass Monkey Training Company
C-3 Tactical


Doc’s Knife Works
Bacon Custom Knives
Texan Knives
Bush Knife Sharpening
Blades and Stuff
Lone Star Knifemaker’s Supply
Sooner State Knives
Charlie’s Knives and Things
Don Metcalf Knives
JC Knives & Equipment
Mark Green Custom Made Knives
Blue Mesa Blades
Wayne Johnson Custom Handmade Knives

Prepping/Less Lethal/Survival

Patriot Protection
Match Co.
Prepare Now Outfitters
South Summit Adventure Outpost
Heirloom Seeds
Zax Gear
Survivor’s Supply
Patriot Survival School
John & Diane Runnels Shelf Reliance
Jerry Kennedy Berkey Water Filters
Kevin Matheny Thrive
My Survival Stash


Premier Martial Arts
Veronica’s Delicacies
Cowboy Daw’s Rubber Band Guns
Magnetic Therapy Jewelry
Path To Wellness Chiropractic
Texas Law Shield
Supreme Western Products
Savvy Caddy Wallets
Texas Best Beef Jerky
Texas Republican Assembly
Titan Flag Poles
Right Solutions Store
Gun Show Tees
The Safe Co.
The Hoginator
Shooter’s Plugs
Chair Massage
Browning Collectors Association
Alexander Kim (candidate for Judge)
Texas Border Volunteers
The Jerky Hut
White Thunder exploding targets
Custom Molded Earplugs
Cowtown Gold & Silver
Totally Nuts
Zombie Apocalypse Neutralization Team
H2 Targets
T.R. Graham
Ne’Qwa Art
Sportsman’s Eyewear
Fort Knox Safes
Don’s Smoke House
The Security Store
Ken’s Engraving
Mag Loader
Polymer Grip Profiling
CMC Triggers
Army Surplus
Rad Wing
Piece Keeper
Totally Nuts
Aim Line
Camera Security Direct
Madjac’s Body Armor
Bryan’s Legacy
Mobile Attache’
Personalized Rings
Civil War Models
DFW Security
John Cornyn Field Representative
The Alpha Opener
Kennedy’s Korner Gun Safes
Trophy Skulls
Paradise History Shoppe
A1 Locksmith
Tayga International
Heritage Safes
CC Bullion Coins
Lilla Rose Inc.
Kousins Kustoms
Monster Vault
Outdoor Life Church
Personal Safety Source
Valley Storm Shelters
Texas Restore All
Delee Peoples
Barry Smitherman (attny general candidate)


And, once again, it’s time for my top three vendors of the show. This is purely for fun, but it also serves as a chance to point out vendors that make an impression on me at the show.

#3 – W Guns. Tommy has done really well with a very unique display, a good niche of compact and sub-compact carry guns, plus he’s a genuinely nice person to deal with. Only problem is that W Guns has become so popular, it’s hard to get time with him at the shows because he’s surrounded by customers. Poor guy – that’s the right kind of problem to have 🙂

#2 – Shoot Smart – My wife took her intro to pistol shooting at Shoot Smart. They don’t appear at all the gun shows, but when they do, they don’t do anything half ass. I like the tent and the open layout; it gets so boring seeing everyone behind tables all the time. SS announced that they are now open in Grand Prairie and both their locations have been awarded NSSF 5-star ratings.

#1 – Omega Gun Lock – I really liked the demo and the thinking outside the box behind this product. It’s been well reviewed online, although I did not have a chance to ask them what happens if you lose the key.  Still, kudos for some forward thinking and a good presentation.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back tomorrow with AR pricing updates and a few other items that caught my eye.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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