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I’m very pleased to announce the one-year anniversary of Texas Gun Show Review.  I can’t think of a better day than Veteran’s day to kick off a week-long celebration by GIVING AWAY LOTS OF COOL STUFF.  Before I get into that, let me pause and thank every one of our veterans and our current service men and women for their service to their country.

I’m also pleased to announce that several Texas gun show vendors have joined the celebration by adding to the list of giveaways, so let’s get right to the good stuff.  Here is how the giveaway works.  Email me at txgunshowreview [at] gmail [dot] com with the title ‘TGR Anniversary’ and your name in the email body.  That gets you one entry.  If you like the TGR Facebook Page, you obtain one additional entry.  Everyone who liked the page in last week’s sneak preview is automatically entered.

At the end of the week, I will randomly draw from all entries to assign an order.  The first person on the list gets their choice of items.  Once that person chooses, the second person on the list chooses from the remaining items and so on until the list is exhausted.

So, what can you win?  Here is what each of the vendors are offering.  All items are free and you can select either local pickup (at the vendor location or at a gun show in which they participate) or you can pay to have the item shipped to you.  Winners will be placed in touch with the vendor via email.



Texas Gun Show Review

I am offering the following items, which may either be picked up at any of the gun shows I frequent in the Dallas/Austin/Houston/San Antonio area or you can pay to have the item shipped to you.

– MechTech CCU for Glock 17 (also works for G22/G31) with a box of Winchester NATO 9mm and 4 G17 mags.  The CCU has a quad rail and red/green dot optic.  It comes in an Uncle Mikes tactical rifle bag.  The CCU has 250 rounds through it and works flawlessly if you keep it well lubed and run hot ammo through it.  I sold my G17 to get into 10mm and then my G31 had a KB, so my loss is your gain 🙂  This is an awesome, easy-to-shoot 9mm carbine.  It’s probably best to select this item if you live in the Dallas/Austin/Houston/SA area, so you can arrange pickup at a local gun show.

– 9mm carry ammo.  Two boxes of Corbon DPX +p 115gr.  Arrange local pickup or pay for shipping.

– More 9mm carry ammo.  One box of Asym 124gr HP ammo and one box Speer GD 124 gr. +p.  You may arrange local pickup or pay to have the ammo shipped to you.

– Even more ammo.  I have a new box of .22LR CCI mini-mags to give away!  100rnds of quality .22LR for you to either pick up at a local gun show or pay for shipping.

– Need G17 mags? I’ve got four for you, two of which are new (purchased at a gun show) and the other two are very slightly used.  Arrange gun show pickup or pay for shipping at your convenience.

– One SightMark Zombie Reflex sight, NIB.  Same deal, local pickup or pay for shipping.

– Two Sig P250 10-rnd .45 mags, both NIB.  You know the deal 🙂

eagle Eagle Gun Range

Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville is offering eight winners a free range pass. I will personally mail the pass to you or you can arrange pickup at a north Texas Gun Show.

The pass is good for one free lane, so if you’ve ever wanted to check out the range or get in a long practice session for free, this is your chance.  I’m a gold member at Eagle and it is one of the best indoor ranges I’ve ever seen.

You can find out more about Eagle from their web site and please like their Facebook page.

gtg Good To Go Ammo

Good To Go Ammunition is offering ten lucky winners a free 50-rnd bag of either 9mm or 380 FMJ ammo, to be picked up at GTG, a gun show at which GTG attends, or pay for shipping. Each winner will be placed in direct contact with Scott Caylor of GTG to select caliber and delivery option.

You can find out more about Good To Go from their web site and please visit and like their Facebook page.  I’ve shot thousands of practice rounds of GTG and it is consistently high-quality, smooth-shooting, and ultra-relibable in any caliber.

femme Femme Fatale Holsters

Here is one just for the ladies. Femme Fatale holsters is offering one lucky winner a gift card for a free corset holster.  These items are really big hits at the local gun shows.  Find out more about them at the Femme Fatale web site.

The winner selecting this option will be placed in direct contact with Donna Bickert to arrange pickup or delivery of the gift card.

ghostGhost Targets

If you can hit a Ghost, you can hit anything.

That is the marketing slogan for Ghost Targets and I can attest that this statement is true from personal experience. If you have access to an outdoor range and believe in aim-small, miss-small, you will probably like being one of the two winners to receive a free bag of mixed-size Ghost targets (and, the first winner to select the item gets a free GT Glock Tool along with their bag). You will be placed in direct contact with GT to arrange pickup/delivery.

You may read my review of the Ghost Targets product here.

Check out the Ghost Targets web site!

vtaKangaroo Carry / Virtual Tactical Academy

Austin Davis of Kangaroo Carry and Virtual Tactical Academy is offering a lucky winner a free Kangaroo Carry holster.  You can read my review of the Kangaroo Carry Air Marshal 3 here.  This is consistently one of the best holsters I’ve ever worn.

Now, if for some reason the holster is just not your style, but you want to cash in on the Austin Davis training coolness, I have a DVD titled, “How To Fight In Low Light” for you.  Austin’s training style is fun and highly informative.  You can read a review of one of his other training videos right here.

I can arrange to ship the DVD to you if you select that item.  If you want the holster, you will be placed in direct contact with Austin Davis to arrange shipment/pickup.  In the mean time, visit the Kangaroo Carry web site and check out Virtual Tactical Academy [ Facebook ].

premierPremier Gun Shows

I have five passes to a Premier Gun Show, which is good for any Premier show in Texas.  Although the passes say ‘San Antonnio,’ Michele assured me they are good for any Premier show.  I’ve been to shows all over Texas and Premier is consistently the best.

I will either send you the passes via regular mail or you can arrange pickup at a north Texas show. Please visit Premier at their web site and like their Facebook page.

padPro Active Defense

This is a really nice practice facility adjacent to the Quail Creek Range in Ft. Worth.  Pro Active allows a more realistic training environment in presentation (draw from holster), shot frequency, and variety of targets.  I saw the facility in action during the recent Diva WOW AR-15 clinic and it’s impressive.  I have a business card with a written pass for one hour of free range time, so if you’ve ever wanted to check out Pro Active, this is your chance.  I will mail the card to you via regular mail, or you can arrange pickup at a gun show.  In the mean time, check out Pro Active at their web site.

raRepublic Arsenal

I’ve purchased several firearms from RA and have found them to be consistently well-priced and exceptionally friendly to deal with.  So, you may enjoy a chance to obtain a new firearm from Republic Arsenal at a ten percent discount.  This discount applies only to in-stock firearms at the time you select this option, at which point you will be placed in direct contact with Republic via email.

Republic tends to have a very solid selection at every gun show and it’s probably best to select this option if you live in the north Texas area to arrange pickup at either a show or Republic’s Coppell office.  You can check them out in more detail at the Republic Arsenal web site.

PrintShotgun Blasters

Now, if you are even slightly inclined to purchase a shotgun, don’t get any shotgun off a box at one of the gun shows.  Get yours tricked out from the master blaster himself, Pat Harrington of Shotgun Blasters.

I took my own advice and had my custom Mossberg 500 (The Predator) built by Shotgun Blasters.  Pat is offering a ten percent discount on ANY shotgun build, whether it is a pre-built model or completely custom.  If you select this option, you will be placed in direct contact with Pat Harrington via email to work out the details.

In the mean time, you can check out a few of the Shotgun Blasters builds at their web site (I don’t think the new UTS or KSG builds are up yet, so there is a lot more to offer even in standard builds than what is shown on the site).

smokeSmoke ‘Em Targets

If you have access to an outdoor range and a lot of ammo, then you’re in for a lot of fun and some great practice time.  You can read my two-part review of the Smoke ‘Em Targets product here.

product review, part I
product review, part II

Smoke ‘Em Targets is offering two lucky winners a choice of either a stand-up target or their smoke-on-a-rope (both of which are illustrated in part I of the review).  If you choose either target, you will be placed in direct contact with Smoke ‘Em Targets to arrange delivery.

In the mean time, check out the Smoke ‘Em Targets web site and please like their Facebook page.

Well, that’s a lot of free stuff, but you can’t be a winner unless you’re a player.  So, please email me at txgunshowreview [at] gmail [dot] com with the title ‘TGR Anniversary’ and your name in the email body for a single entry.  Then, go like the TGR Facebook page for an extra entry.

NOTE:  Email addresses are used ONLY for purposes of contacting winners and arranging prize delivery.  Your email may be forwarded to one of the vendors to arrange pickup or shipping of the item you select.  Once all winners have been processed, I WILL DELETE ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES.  They will not be stored or further used in any way.

There will be no more posts this week and I start selecting winners next Monday morning.  Thanks very much for making Texas Gun Show Review surpass my wildest expectations for its first year in operation.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

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