TGR Anniversary Event Entries Closed

Posted: November 18, 2013 in General

I want to thank all the vendors and the over 350 people who entered the TGR Anniversary Event prize drawing for an overwhelming response to the first anniversary of Texas Gun Show Review.  During the two-week rollout of the TGR Facebook page, TGR received nearly 400 likes.  Again, my sincerest thanks to everyone!

And now for the fun stuff.  It’s time to take all those entries, run the pseudo-random number generator, and start generating winners.  The structure of the competition is such that the first winner gets to choose from anything on the prize list.  The second winner chooses from remaining items, and so on until no more items remain.  Several days may be required to process all the winners, so please be patient.  I will post again when all winners have been selected and chosen their prizes.  Until then, the only other posts will be the Friday morning gun show weekend previews.

After all winners have been processed, I will resume gun show and product reviews.  Thanks again for your participation.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas

  1. ej bognear says:

    Wow thank you for taking time to do this