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Posted: November 22, 2013 in General

It’s been a long week so far processing winning entries from the Texas Gun Show Review Anniversary Event.  Since the prize format allows one person to select exactly what they want, winners must be processed one at a time with very little overlap. So, the process is necessarily slow.  If you have not yet been contacted, then don’t give up hope.  I was only able to fully process (contact and then handle delivery, if necessary) sixteen winners in the first four days along with my regular business schedule.

One of the more interesting observations from the contest is the large number of women entrants.   I also had a surprisingly large number of out-of-state entries and several of the first winners were from outside of Texas.

Here are the first sixteen lucky winners.  I wish I had their luck, especially if I get some time at the tables in Vegas next January 🙂

1 – Kimberly Manuel (Femme Fatale gift card)
2 – Kenny Yates (Two boxes Corbon DPX 115gr. +p ammo.
3 – Gina Rogers (One bag Good To Go Ammo)
4 – Tracy Perkins (Sightmark Zombie Reflex sight)
5 – Danna Orr (CCI Mini-Mags)
6 – Mike Pana (Eagle Gun Range pass)
7 – Teresa Rubio (One hour free training at ProActive Defense)
8 – Edward Bognear (MechTech CCU for Glock 17)
9 – Cheryl Long (One bag Good To Go Ammo)
10 – Tim Jordan (Glock 17 mags)
11 – Karla Pohl (Kangaroo Carry holster)
12 – Nicholas Greder (Sig P250 .45 10-rnd mag)
13 – Al Lee (One bag Good To Go Ammo)
14 – James Johnson (One Bag Ghost Targets and GT GlockTool)
15 – Jessica (Asym 9mm 115gr. match JHP and 124 gr. +p Speer Gold Dot ammo).
16 – Marilyn Stewart (One bag Good To Go Ammo)

Thanks again to everyone who entered and I hope to return to a more normal posting schedule next week.

– Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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