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Posted: November 25, 2013 in Vendor Reviews
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g-1My first thought when I saw Gotta Have Guns at one of the north Texas gun shows was ‘now, that’s a cool name for a business.’  So, how do you come up with a business named ‘Gotta Have Guns?’  Well, you start with two friends and staunch 2A advocates with CPA backgrounds.  They come together to help small businesses with tax issues, but eventually their passion for firearms and for everyone to be able to exercise their constitutional rights overwhelmed their interest in finance and tax law.

That’s how Frank Driska and Tracy Adkins came together to form Gotta Have Guns. This Forney-based dealer specializes in concealed-carry and first-time firearm purchasers, especially women.  Their stated goal is to be very service oriented in a very product-oreiented market.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Gotta Have Guns grand opening on Saturday, and despite inclement weather, a very large number of people turned out to do the same.  It was very evident during my one-on-one talk with both Frank and Tracy that their passion for the business is genuine.  In fact, I had the opportunity to observe their interaction with a first-time woman buyer.  Tracy took a lot of time to go through the pros and cons of three different firearms with her.  Now, I know enough about the business and prices to understand that the firearm the woman purchased was not the highest-margin item that the customer considered.  That reinforced Tracy’s statement to me that it’s better for one of their customers to walk out of the store with no firearm than purchase the wrong gun.

GHG features a wide variety of pistols and rifles in their store.  While they clearly specialize in handguns for concealed carry, they can, of course, order pretty much any firearm for you that their dealers carry.  Prices for in-stock models seemed respectable across the board.

g-2If you live in the Forney area, you can check out GHG at their  store, which is just off Hwy 80 at the Old Town Marketplace (next to Gold’s Gym).  You may also visit them at a local gun show or peruse the GHG web site.  if you would like to get a sneak peek inside the store and see what their packed grand opening was like, then the photo collection is now up on Flickr.  If you were not there, then unfortunately you missed out on some great prize drawings ranging from .22LR and 9mm ammo to holsters, rifle bags,.22 mag. derringers and a home-defense shotgun.

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