Product Review: Silver State Armory .308

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Product Reviews
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I was at Cabela’s one afternoon, looking for some .308 to zero the ACOG on my AR-10.  I came across a large stack of Silver State Armory 168 gr. which was exactly the bullet weight I needed, and at a reasonable price.  I had never shot SSA before, so I whipped out my phone and Googled for some reviews.  The ammo had been reasonably well-reviewed in other calibers and I found numerous people asking about how well it shot in .308.

I suppose there is only one way to find out 🙂  I left with two boxes and took them with me to the range a few days later.  I was very fortunate that it was a bright day with no wind, so I setup a stand at 100m and got started.

From the first shot, the SSA felt really good.  I’ve shot 150gr before and it somehow just does not feel right, like I’m not really shooting an AR-10.  After zeroing the ACOG, I was able to make regular head shots on the small Zombie target from a supported position.  I finished off the first box and had some fun shooting Zombies from various distances (unsupported) with the second box.  I experienced no failures or issues of any kind with my Sig 716 Patrol.

Here’s what it looks like.


And, so far it shoots as good as it looks.  In subsequent sessions, I believe I shot better groups with say Winchester Match, but for the price, the SSA was more than adequate for practice purposes.

I recently picked up two more boxes and may post a second review comparing the SSA vs. Vor-TX and Win. Match.  Too many products, not enough range time 🙂

Thanks for spending part of your day at Texas Gun Show Review.

–  Diligencia, Vis, Celeritas


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