Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Sporting Ammunition

Posted: December 2, 2013 in General, Shooting
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A friend sent me this video about a week ago and I thought it was well worth sharing with everyone.  There are a lot of myths regarding modern sporting ammunition that are expressed by naive politicians and widely propagated in media reports and even films.  If you saw the ending of the movie, ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ then you have a good idea of the misconceptions to which I refer.

While I expect liberal politicians and the masses that suckle to every whim of the mainstream media propaganda machine to fall for such foolishness, it amazes me that even firefighters and those involved in training in the shooting sports are equally uniformed.  For example, my wife took an intro to firearms class at a facility that almost anyone in the D/FW area would recognize were I to provide the name.  When the instructor discussed ammunition, he strongly admonished people not to keep any stores of ammunition indoors since in the case of a fire, bullets would fire wildly around the house/apartment and risk injury to neighbors and firefighters.  In fact, he said firefighters will not enter any dwelling with ammunition because of the explosive risk; instead, they let the dwelling burn out.

Explosive risk?  Seriously?  Well, first of all, modern sporting ammunition powders (I’m not talking about military tracers or incendiary rounds) are not explosive in nature; they are better classified as propellants.  To reach any reasonable velocity capable of damaging a target, the round must be completely and tightly contained.  Modern sporting ammunition does not explode when burnt; the casings expand rapidly and the result is more like popcorn..  Modern sporting ammunition is very unlikely to fire even when dropped from heights and there is no propagation effect to other rounds.

So, Clive Owen would not have been able to off the bad guy like you saw in the movie, but then that’s why it’s a movie and not real life.  If you want to free your mind and be part of the real world, then this video is well worth half an hour of your day.  I hope you find it informative and please pass it along to others.

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